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    CVRDE and DRDO great work guys. Now get the Arjun MK2 with improved systems and we can kick some Paki Ass. Jai Ho

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    gr8 news indeed!
    thx shiv.

    Is this the reason y the IA delayed the tests and now wants a regimental level trials?

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    Who is the internationally reputed tank manufacturer mentioned here?

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    Who needs a Mk2 to kick ass. This is already an excellent tank!

    Moral of the story: You incrementally build a better and better fighting platform, and you incrementally build an industry to support it and you incrementally build confidence in your final product. You incrementally build a stronger nation.

    And now you incrementally build improvements to the Arjun MBT to keep it competitive, as long as you can do so without going for a full re-design.

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    Too controversial.
    And only 128 to be inducted…
    I mean the army had to bow down to the pressure of the media/drdo/goi

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    That general Bharadwaj has a very sad and resigned look on his face. So does that Sikh officer. Its only the scientists who are beaming.
    Perhaps the Arjun’s fate has already been sealed by men like this Bharadwaj. I’m sure 43 Armour will be designated as a strategic reserve and all regiments with arjun will not see any deployment in the initial mobilization for war. The Arjuns themselves will be made to rot in some base and the Army will continue its exercises and planning with T-90.
    I hear Bharadwaj and his cronies in olive green are salivating over the possible Ruski offer for joint devpt. of T-95 for our FMBT.

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    Comparative trials AFTER induction? What the heck are they waiting for?

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    I hear Bharadwaj and his cronies in olive green are salivating over the possible Ruski offer for joint devpt. of T-95 for our FMBT
    so whats wrong in this

    t95 with 152mm calibre gun and low profile compared to arjun and western styled arrangement of ammo and crew compartmant and still weigh less than arjun

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    the terminator

    It is very strange the MOD is keeping the traitor,Lt.Gen. Bharadwaj who is the main opponent of anything made indigenously by Indians.

    This sicko is so enamoured by the natashas and other kickbacks from the Ruski defence industry that he would do anything in his power to sabotaj Indian efforts.

    What a farce the IA is! They only conduct stringent trials after trials and other cooked up defects on Indian made products but are more than willing to straightaway induct defective defence products (T-90) from Russia without any trials or quality checks.

    That traitor and his cronies in the IA should be strung up asap. So long as these vermins are left to fester in the IA, it would be the most compromised and inferior of the three services.

    High time A K Anthony and the MOD put their foot down or better still stuff in more than 500 Arjun MBTs down Bharadwaj throat to show him who is the actual boss.

    Ingrates like Bharadwaj and his ilk would have been shot long, long ago in China or even in Pakiland.

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    Translation: We will have the T-90, one way or the other.

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    According to Mr Ajai Shukla’s post in july last year http://ajaishukla.blogspot.com/2008/07/first-ever-pictures-of-new-arjun.html, 64 Arjuns were already produced and waiting to be inducted. i guess it must have been produced well before last year. it seems only 45 out of them have been inducted. It will be interesting to know who is causing delay and why?

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    p mukherjee

    Way I see it is that Arjun was inducted into the IA when it was good and ready to be inducted and not when the quasi-patriotic ‘Jai ho’ crowd wanted to push an inferior product down IA’s throat simply because it was “desi”. That is,”desi” with more than 70% imported components. I really dont have any problems with Gen Bhardwaj’s expressions. Any one would look disgusted in the compamy of men who take 35 years to make a tank despite a practically unlimited budget.

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    china has a policy of paying 100’s of internet zombies 50cents for every positive messages that they write on China on internet forums.
    i think even russian weapons mafia has taken to it too.

    Anyways Mr. Mukherjee how do u know that Arjun is inferior, and if inferior is the only reason why Arjun was not accepted then why is it that army is fitting AC’s to T-90’s (hint: they were not properly tested before induction as it was a foreign maal and as per IA procurement division anything foreign is superior to desi maal, but at the same time when DRDO proposed Ac’s for Arjun tanks, they were discarded beacuse they would make the soldiers lazy and that Ac is a luxury).

    People more qualified than me and you have told(hint: Merkava designer from Israeli army) that development of a Tank is evolutionary. What he meant was that it cannot be 100% up to mark at the first GO and it has to be configured and fine tuned to fit the requirements along with the procurement.


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    @ p mukerjee
    Ok! So u too appreciate IA's stupid blurt about looking 20 years ahead in Tank technology..Israelis might be lying down laughing….
    We fight with Enfield 0.303 in Mumbai & NSG with toy 9mm HK MP5 and I saw many security guards in Naval Depo Kerala with world war II Sterling carbine..

    and we are still proclaiming to seek technology 20 years ahead..wat a joke…
    May be Indian Army caught some Aliens and used some Chinese ppl from West Bengal to reverse engineer their stuff….
    STF UP !

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    Shiv: Any word on a Mk2 platform in the works? Also, any news on the LCA and LCH programs?

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    Too much favoritism for imported Russian hardware, i.e. T-90Ses over indigenous Indian ones, i.e. Arjuns. That's the problem.


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