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    Prasun K Sengupta

    Many thanks, Shiv! Now it is a matter of record (thanks to this thread) that India was the first to reach out to the IDPs in northern Sri Lanka way before the UN and foreign NGOs came calling and started shedding crocodile tears!!!

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    the terminator

    Foreign NGOs especially the one from Malaysia are there more for scoring brownie points than to render much needed help to the poor Tamil civilians at the receiving end of the racist Sinhala government.

    The Malaysian government would assist any government that ill- treats and marginalizes Indians. Sri Lanka is in the good books of Malaysia because it practises the type of apartheid that Malaysia has been practising under its affirmative policy for the past four decades.

    Malaysia too exports its tainted ideology to other governments that had been foolish enough to send their technocarats to Malaysia under the guise of inter-government cooperation. Troubles against the Indians in Fiji started after their leaders were brainwashed Malaysian minted ideology of guided democracy.

    Malaysia would assist anyone who is anti India and anti Hindu. Malaysia is fast evolving into a fundamental Muslim country that sympathises with terrorists who attack the West and the Hindus.

    If you observe the current scenario in Malaysia it becomes very obvious they do not respect the constitution of the country. They have corrupted the judiciary and the security forces and their use of the Internal Security Act to act against political dissidents.

    To make matters worse the current PM is alleged to have assisted in the murder and use of C4 explosive to get rid of the Mongolian model who was the mistress of his advisor and close confidant, Razak Baginda.

    Most of those who had evidence implicating the PM have vanished from the country or are living abroad lest they too become victims of C4.


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