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    any idea which Squadron?

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    Hi Shiv,
    Two troubling things :
    1. The Tezpur AFB is in response to the growing chinese threat in Arunachal. With that being said, why is it located in Assam? If we wanted to make a statement wouldnt we have built something in Arunachal?

    2. The doubling of IA strength in Arunachal that was publicized a few days ago was also, troublingly, in divisions stationed out of Assam. Not Arunachal.

    Looks like the GoI is very scared about truly increasing military presence in Arunachal. What they want to do as an alternative is to station our military around Arunachal but not in Arunachal. It almost feels like we are scared to do anything decisive in Arunachal !

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    Hi, shiv
    Thats cool picture….
    This is very historic ceremony for IAF's eastern command. From Tezpur AFB, IAF will able to keep a nab on Chinese military.
    There is some news that Army will deploy around 35,000 troops and build new underground launch facility for Agni-II or Agni-III north- east sector.

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    Serial No. of two sukhoi i.e SB052 & SB122 are clearly seen in the photo, but the serial No. of the nose forwarding sukhoi is not clearly obserbed.Any one know the serial no. of two remaining sukhoi?
    If i am not wrong,russian made sukhoi's serial no. ends upto SB050,but from where that SB052 come into existence ?

  5. 5

    the terminator

    Finally India seems to have understood the enormity of the situation in the north-east bordering China.

    However one or two squadrons of SU-30MKI is not enough to stop the Chinese from adventurism. Their military doctrine dictates overwhelming strength and superiority in numbers. They normally smother their adversaries with their greater numbers and fire power.

    India should also adjust its doctrine of engagement to deter any form of aggression from the Chinese.

    India should not be caught off guard as in the early 1960s. India should be well prepared not only to repulse aggression but also to give any adventurer a bloody nose that they won't forget for a very long time.

  6. 6


    Nice move, but will this have any meaningful impact in curbing the Chinese incursions or their sabre-rattling? I doubt… because what is required to counter the Chinese aggression is not more weapons, BUT the BALLS to use those weapons as and when required.

    Sadly, nothing seems to have changed since the 1962 debacle. The Indian military & politicians still exhibit the same spineless-ness which they did 40 years back. Didn't we have an airforce back in '62? Was it used in the conflict? So what's the guarantee that these Sukhois will also be used in the next conflict with China?

    I feel like puking when I read in reports how our army & politicians are 'voicing concern' about Chinese incursions in Arunachal instead of taking action. What's frustrating is that though Nehru is long gone his cowardly blood is still around.

    The Chinese must be laughing at the reports of the SU base in Tezpur. For them this development is nothing but a minor fart from the Indians — all sound and gas!

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    Shiv, can you please find out whts the state of our own indigenous light combat helicopter. It was scheduled to fly in july 2009 only. will we meet the deadline?

    Sorry to post it here. as therre were np ther forums

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    SB052 could belong to the final lot of 40 Sukhois that were ordered in 2007. Can anyone confirm if Russia has started delivering them. Alternatively it could belong to Su30K replacements that were also asked for.

  9. 9


    sukhoi from russia will come 2010 onwards if i am not wrong i think it is hal assembled jet

  10. 10


    hal assembled jet are numbered 101 onwards.

  11. 11

    Mayuresh Gaikwad

    Can we know how many Su-30 MKI aircraft have been deployed at Tezpur? Putting just one squadron (20 aircraft) as a symbolic defence is not going to work 🙁

  12. 12


    Hi, Mayyresh
    IAF's has planned to deploy two SU-30MKI sq. [36 aircraft]at Tezpur. In which one sq. will be a completely new assembled at HAL and other is from Rhinos sq. from pune.

  13. 13


    Shifting the fighters from one part to another part makes nothing difference , We need to make or buy advance fighters in fastrack to have edge with chinese , our defense decision makers should have patriotic move , india is far beyond to china in all aspects . we worry about india's unpreparedness .


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