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    to friends

    this is all good,but again just like US doesn't want any other country to mount their radars or engines on their fighters same will happen with jaguar here,only rolls royce engine will be selected

    so its better tho stay off american stuff and yes even this engine will be inspected by americans on site for sure like other hardware buy

    2030 is too far and never know when american govt changes and their atitude toward india and stop spares and support

    as "BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRCALS LIMITED" has ie ups with GE for gas turbines and BHEL can't export them

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    to friends

    when india upgrade their IL76 transport aircrafts they will not have PS 90A engines but instead all new "D30KP BURLAK" engines entering service in 2011

    this new engine has larger diameter compared to older D30 engines

    The basis of this upgrading program is the use of the D-30KU/KP/KU-154 family unified core, as well as a new fan with wide chord blades and new low-pressure compressor.

    The application of a single-stage wide-chord blade fan instead of a three-stage LPC makes it possible to increase the air flow, the engine bypass ratio, the fuel burn and bring the engine ecological characteristics in compliance with the present ICAO requirements

    New fan with wide chord blade and new low-pressure compressor which provide:

    o 6-7 % higher efficiency output

    o longer engine lives and foreign objects damage resistance

    o higher engine maintainability, fan blade replacement and balancing ‘on wing’

    * Core and low-pressure turbine derived from serial D-30KP-2 engine

    * Low emission combustor chamber derived from serial D-30KU-154 engine

    * Electronic engine overspeed unit derived from serial D-30KU-154 engine

    * Automatic fuel control system derived from serial D-30KU/KP engine family

    * Enhanced acoustic linings

    * Updated thrust reverse

    here is link for this


    picture of engine


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    so considering that how many times rolls royce has inspected its engine on site and how many times americans will inspect their enngine which is bound to american laws

    and the infrastucture already exixt for adour engine

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    what indian official said about "end user agreement"

    "We do not mind laws to govern sensitive technology transfers but they must not be intrusive in nature. Ideally, of course, we would not want to have EUMA at all. With other countries, we just give an undertaking," an Indian official said.

    "We would also like a standard EUMA text but our assets (military equipment bought from US) cannot be intrusively inspected without reason," he said.

    "Under the onsite inspection clause, they (US inspectors) should not enter our bases or go to our forward areas. They can instead look at our inventory records," he added.

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    this video says that this engine will power indian air force into future but my question is "uncertain future???????????"

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    Too much hotch-potch here….unlike before, when it used to be clean and simple…this blog is no longer what it used to be. I think I'll stop coming here

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    if western engines are so good then why jaguar need replacement of its engines

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    friends and shiv,

    as claimed by honeywell F125IN increases the paylaod carried by
    4400lbs or 2 tons

    it means jaguar already carrying 4.5 ton paylaod can now carry almost 6.5 tons

    but i don't believe this

    but how many people believe this please give ur responses and if they have any technical knowledge about this please post that too

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    We need to open Jaguar line of manufacturing for next generation aircraft , due to we have 100 % tech of jag we can easily modify to next gen jets with powerfull engine & powerful weapons which is offered to india , and we easily stop the depletion in fighter sqn's .

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    This video is also available on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rU_aPu2HiXg)
    Just a heads-up, no need to publish this comment 😉

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    As a desi working as a researcher in GTEs in the west, the stark realisation is we Indians as technology followers cant rule the world unless technology is mastered. Asking for tech transfers doesnt help bcoz its a IP and IP has to be respected. As such no one in the west will give us their 'property'.Will you give your property to someone else?

    Even if it means reinventing the wheel, so be it at least we will then know how many spokes to put in the wheel.

    To do this this, we need manpower. The concept ' good students are from top institutes only' in the case of recruitment hasn't helped India mastering the technology. A examination just cant tell who is good and bad.Unless society treats every skilled person competently, we will be lagging in every aspect.

    People like me left the country heartbroken for the lack of recognition from society and country. The west has recognised us and we hope the incompetent admin guys do become competent and give every one a chance to succeed.

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    Says in wikipedia "Adour Mk 821 – Engine upgrade of Mk804 and Mk811 engines, currently under development, for Indian Air Force Jaguar aircraft



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