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    Hello Mr Aroor. The IAF's requirement for supercruise comes not due to any "foresight" or strategic thought, but merely by copying the trends at more advanced nations. Mr. Major was not at all known for knowledge of specifications. In an interview, he "blurted" that Tejas' engine has 75 kN reheat thrust and it needs to be 82 kN to be acceptable, when in fact the current GE-404 IN-20 engines have 82 kN reheat thrust. The IAF has demanded 90-100 kN reheat thrust.

    I agree with the view that for the most part, our armed forces merely copy the trends of advanced nations that are on display in public air-shows and trade exhibitions.

    Thank you.

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    a serious, well informed and informative article. excellent and a pleasure to read. i would like to add that i agree with the americans that supercruise is not a game-changing capability. an aircraft that supercruises still consumes far more fuel than an aircraft travelling the same distance subsonic. the economy is only marginal compared to flight using reheat.

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    "The other four jets in the competition make no bones about not being able to supercruise"
    The main question is what supercruise speed, with what payload?
    LM confirms supercruise at Mach 1.1 for F16IN loaded only with wingtip missiles. But they also say that they don't take that only take supercruise capabilities to account, with mach 1.5 and combat payload. If that is the reqirement, EF and Gripen NG might also not offer this capability, cause they are reported only with mach 1,2 and like u said nobody knows with what payload.
    There are also reports of Rafale, and new Su 35 that confirms supercruise, but as long there is no equal definition it's not worth mentioning it.

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    Supercruise is (or should be) completely irrelevant. All these aircrafts have external weapon storage, and thus high drag. Burning fuel like mad while carrying two/four A2A missiles for 100 nm makes no sense.

    Cruise at Mach 0.86, let the radars and AEW platforms 'catch' the targets, shoot at leisure from BVR. Whether defending a point-target, or going after a known hostile bird already in air, there's never a need for IAF to supercruise.

    It is a bit like what they say about running away from police: you might outrun a police car, but you can't outrun the police radio. Supercruise is over-rated. It has more relevance to future supersonic bizjets than fighter aircrafts.

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    no other engine than f119 or al 41 engines provide supercruise capability to cross 1.5 mach without afterburner this too when stores are carried in internal bays.

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    Supercruise capability is either limited in these Gen 4.5 fighters (with minimal external payload) or they're just mere advertising gimmicks to the IAF brass.

    What do you think?

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    Interesting. Who inspired this piece? The people afraid of supercruise? Name two next gen aircraft that will not be super cruise? By the way, none of the aircraft have really consistently demonstrated super cruise. So what's the big deal?

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    you are right antony,4.5 gen aircraft don't really supercruise with their external stores its just marketing stuff

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    You can find official EUROFIGHTER GMBH declassified documentation about loads and ranges while the fighter is flying in SC conditions.
    More specifically, the 2006 Eurofighter Presentation to the Norwegian Air Force by Chris Worning (http://www.mediafire.com/?1mjwxy2jby1).
    In page 53, Supercruise with 8 AAM´s for 250NM plus a 30 min CAP.


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    Rafale can supercruise at Mach 1,4 with 6 missiles.


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