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    We know that India's P-8Is are downgreded ones compared to US Navy's P-8 A and logically correct since US doen't give or sale their best or latest technical avionics systems to their best friends even like UK,Japan or Australia.
    So my question is apart from a customized commercial platform like Boieng 737, WHICH are those specific latest US made Avionics items that are being sold to India as part of this P-8I deal…could you please post a detailed report on this, that we are spending 2+ bn USD on 8 platforms?(We know P-8Is will have some Israely items too as US declined to provide their equivallent hardware in this deal).
    I guess using 2 bn USD in India we can build 200 Hospitals and 1000 schools in every state of our country.

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    Hey Shiv Watch this video you will be surprise about Chinese deployment as i am and going to know why we deployed our su-30 in Assam

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    shiv is best at least he doesn't delete comments

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    I would have prefered if he built a joint platform around A320 with EADS.

    Instead politicians like to suck American **** and waste our money with Boeing's solution.

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    Nice picture…
    This is great new for Indian Navy also after these successful flight tests Boeing will able to deliver P-8I Poseidon for Navy in mid 2010.
    P-8I Poseidon, a next generation maritime surveillance aircraft will soon be part of the INS Rajali, a premier naval air station located at Arakkonam in Tamil Nadu.
    Go for more pictures and latest news at –


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    the terminator

    If India is not allowed to reconfigure or add on sensitive avionics and others on US made aircrafts, it is wiser not to buy any US products.

    What is the use in spending billions of hard earned currency if the platforms bought come with strings attached to fit the foreign policy of the US.

    Whatever India buys should be at its disposal to use as it pleases so long as it does not use the same against the US.

    If the US is not flexible in its end-user policy, then it is prudent not to have anything to do with US aircrafts or other sensitive defence products.

    The US can apply its end user policy on the Pakis because those beggers get it free from the US. So beggers cannot be chosers. On the other hand when did India become a begger state of the US or a vassal?

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    The Indian Navy will finally be able to patrol the subcontinent's seas with the Poseidon. Useful for surveillance, detecting and attacking enemy vessels to trawlers.

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    "The Indian Navy will finally be able to patrol the subcontinent's seas with the Poseidon. Useful for surveillance, detecting and attacking enemy vessels to trawlers."

    anthony ?????, this P8I platform will cover the seas, but which platform will guard the P8 itself in air? What is to stop some talented Paki Air Farce from flying a one way mission in his F16, launch four missiles and take down this P8?

    See, assets like P8 and Phalcon are being used more as 26 January showpieces by our netas, not platforms that will provide meaningful capability against any enemy in actual warfare.

    It is just like our Army conducting those stupid artillery and armour drills in Thar desert in front of forigen (white) dignitaries, desperately trying to impress them. USA never has to conduct such drills and invite Indian embassy members to view the spectacle. They "just" go ahead and control the hydrocarbon supply in Iraq.

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    Fighter escorts would be required to protect the high-value strategic assets like the P-8I Poseidon and Il-76 Phalcon from enemy destruction (like a kamikaze PAF F-16), because they are irreplaceable in a wartime scenario.

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    To Sontu,

    Indians are not idiot to buy such downgraded version of P8… Have you ever tried to find out what has been included in the P8 offer.

    We are getting all the stuff that US Navy is getting …

    So don't worry 🙂


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