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F/A-18 India

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    This Rafale is a very capable but expensive platform. If we cannot get the Gripen NG MKI, a higher thrust version of Rafale should be our second choice in MRCA contract.

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    That picture from the back… man, that looks so much like the LCA except for the canards, the twin engine, and the smoothness of the surfaces. The LCA, by way of criticism, has an ugly undercarriage, look at the Raphael… such smooth surfaces… Also, the air intakes of the LCA look disproportionately small. I guess the LCA looks like a small bird, the poor man's Raphael. A great first step for India, all the same.

    The JF-17 BTW, looks like a really stretched out F-16/Lavi/Mig23 mix.

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    the gripen Ng has less thrust than the 2 engines rafale…

    why would you ask for a regular gripen ng but a rafale with higher thrust, it makes no sense ???


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