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    ha ha

    what is the purpose of these conferences? these people come for enjoying and everybody seems to be bored.

    these people can do conferences for ages which brings no fruit.

    this is the situation of whole india which is burning in the fire of corruption which bring no relief for common people

    and god is also showing no mercy as well and he also wants to half fry all in intense summer heat.

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    Many conferences are successfully completed , but seems to be no use in it , we still face depletion in IAF – Fighter sqn' level , Navy – Heavy depletion in Submarines , need for more destroyers , ASW ships . Army – Problem in Preparedness , no stocks of core weapons , no better longer range SAM's like S-400 , No good volume of surface to surface missiles – very cute . no Multi – barrel rocket systems equal to chinese 300mm 130 kms range , High depletion in Howitzer guns , No longer ranger anti-tank missiles in inventory *** and the story goes on ….. but the conference is completed successful .

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    There's no point commenting unless you know what was discussed and want was not or how fruitful the conference was.

    And if you do have any useful infromation do let us know.

    And about God showing mercy, this may just be the result of the things we take for granted as human beings or an other natural phenomenon causing trouble, just that we were not around to witness the same. In any case time to tight strap some consumption and see what each can contribute.

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    What is the point of having Unified Commanders Conference when we dont have a Unified Command.

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    to anon @ 7:06 PM

    read what NJS said

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    Hi Shiv,
    I strongly feel that China's Army or AF shot down IAF's AN-32. I have been analyzing this news from different sources. The Indian Govt is mum on this, even after getting the black box. The Reuters reports "Villagers near the crash site told police they heard a loud sound and saw a fireball and other objects falling from the sky."

    I feel, PLA is provoking India by playing innocent here. I have been reading some of the articles from Chinese side, and their response on Gov JJ Singh's demand for 60K troops and also they are annoyed with the news of Tezpur Airfield. They are telling the world that, India is provoking them and finding an excuse to attack India.

    Do you know more about it?

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    PLA is more power than indian force , at least our defense experts should compare both countries weapons power /range /stocks in inventory,and should take necessary steps in fastrack. our indian govt should take immediate steps (if in case of unavoidable war with china , what is needed to secure our land ). we are far behind to them in all aspects ,I really worry the next war could be again 1962 like war , if we don't change our way & dead policy's . its a burning problem , but our high officials are very cool – yes this shows due to lack of patriotism on motherland. JAIHIND

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    P Mukherjee

    To Ram @11:31 PM
    Any links buddy?


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