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    good info. more like this shiv.

  2. 2


    Hey shiv isnt this info classified??

  3. 3

    Shiv Aroor

    Nope. This is from a press-release issued by CLAWS after the seminar.

  4. 4


    Classified !!

    These requirements exist for Indian Infantry since WWI (1920) except for integral Arial Vehicles.

    ….Do we say this is about to be 2010.. !!

    What a shame !!

  5. 5


    Good at least we have started thinking what we want. Time has also come to start thinking from where to get. Army top brasses and weapons aquisition policy makers should shed their love for import. Neither we should solely depend on DRDO nor imports. We must open up and start development Projects under Public Private Partnership for which an independent Directorate for Indigenous Development can be launched. Moreover we must open up our defence production. Monoply of Ordanance Factories must go away. Govt. needs to do more thinking if we want to be reckoned as world power. Our Pakistan and China oriented security focus must change. We have to start focussing on the Globe as a whole.


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