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    It is difficult to have sympathy for amed forces when you read news like this. The procurement process is bad enough, but these people can't even seem to make up their mind about what capabilities they need.

    God, make the stupidity stop. Otherwise this country has no future.

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    Why cant we get anything done in one tender? I hope we dont end up re-tendering MMRCA as well.

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    I wonder if it is the effect of Sikorsky & Tata teaming up to build helos of the same category.

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    Is it always being a joke that Arms procurement in India. Any single deals of weapon is not clear there is always any scandal or delay in weapons procurement like Bofors, U-204 German submarine, Aircraft Carrier, Indigenous ATV project etc.
    And to i am reading on shiv's blog that Scorpene Submarine project to facing technological errors in India. Pakistan Navy signed the Agosta-90B Submarine deal in mid 90's and in 9 to 10 year's they to acquires all the three subs and planning to acquires 6 U-214 from Germany.
    I do not know when government of India will understand the importance of new weapons procurement policy.


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