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    Tejas is only getting ?????, the name is not saving it. hope ATV fares better.

    well this is very true.

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    Anyone suprised? Not me, seems to be the standard procedure for all our defence procurements 🙁

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    It's not surprising that Scorpenes Submarine Project gets delay as other projects. Lack of infrastructures and bureaucratic mentality for government is likely to cause these delays.

    Other country's do not have money or there economy do not allow them (like Russia) they are constructing advance Submarine like Lada-class, Borei-class. Now lada-class is going to be front runner for india's 2nd line of submarine which is Amur-1650, I d'not hope that same thing happen to this project also…
    (Note: For more info on Lada-class, Borei-class visit on http://shaktiraj25.blogspot.com)

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    the terminator

    Can't the babus at MDL and MOD get anything right the first time. Not that MDL is a new upstart company without any experience in ship-building.

    What is lacking is the will and work ethics to shine in a given field. These morons in MDL, MOD and GTRE should be told to deliver on time or give them the boot.

    These morons have no sense of urgency. They still practise the chai biskoot, lackadaisical work culture.

    Giving excuses has become a great past time but it should not be at the expense of national security!

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    We should have bought 1-2 subs directly from France like everyone else has. Expect similar delays for P17a as well because babus have scuttled IN's plea to purchase 2 ships directly from abroad which the navy believed would have helped desi shipyards to absorb tech by training with foreign shipyards.
    Unfortunatily in our country PSU interest takes precedence over national interest.

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    Hi all,

    I have been reading the term "babu" a lot on this blog. Can anyone tell me if it is used for the politicians or the ias officers??


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    "babus" are IAS officials

    Kutte babus……

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    O come on cut some slack…where is the hurry….Give MDL some credit..
    Where is the hurry..Its not that we are going to a war tomorrow.

    They had troubles absorbing the technology….Thats okay….At least it is being made in India.

    You what what is not okay….Admy Gorky… Its late and cost over run cost us twice the price.


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