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    The better not to talk about our government. Many will become so sick and even vomit.

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    very dissapointing that the political parties determine the importance of a war based on the fact that whether they were in power or not at that time. This is shameful . And there should be no politics on such serious issue.

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    To the good general & the many soldiers, officers who fight to defend the borders, who make sacrifices to safeguard us — the people of this nation are with you.

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    the terminator

    Indeed it is strange and unforgivable that the valour and sacrifices of the defence forces are not given due recognition by the ruling government and at best recognition is a token.

    The armed forces do not fight and sacrifice for any particular party that is in power. They defend the nation at all times and as such their bravery and sacrifice should be accorded the due respect and recognition by the government of the day.

    Please do not make the armed forces a pawn in the political game of deception and depravity of moral rectitude!

    Mollyfying the enemy in the false sense that he would be more magnanimous in his dealings with the nation is akin to infantile delusions.

    All wars fought and won should be celebrated throughout the country by all and sundry not only as a mark of respect of the fallen soldier but also to show every brave soldier that they and their sacrifice for the nation won't be forgotten.

    Such celebrations would also send a strong message to the vanquished enemies not to play with fire and take the armed forces of India lightly.

    What MMS and Indian diplomats did in Egypt was a collosal diplomatic blunder, giving in to the demands or false platitudes of Pakistan to bring about a positive paradigmn shift in the peace process. Admitting in a joint communique that BOTH countries are targets of terrorism is stretching the truth a bit too far.

    Giving the so-called peace process as the reason for not celebrating the Kargil Victory is also trying to mollycoddle the enemy.

    India will only realize its vast potential when the government has the will and determination to act without fear for the good of the nation and its people.

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    This Italian Govt will only celebrate Mussolinis Birthday and Indira & Rajiv Gandhi Birth & Death Anniversary and name every loo after their name.
    26/11 was a result of bungling by the Congress then why were so many Ashok Chakras doled out? The Congrees has very cleverly played down that joker Rashids statement unlike the hullabaloo they create over trivia regarding the true Indian parties

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    Bring in Modi!

    Manmohan singh is a great Indian and his contribution will never be forgotten, but he is not a politician.

    Frankly I am getting sick of the arrogance of the ex Italians.

    Bring in Modi (BJP minus RSS and rest of the vanar sena), we need to hounor our heros and build an India for future heros.

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    1200 brave Indian soldiers and officers died fighting in Sri Lanka as part of the IPKF mission. Don't they deserve the nation's gratitude? The only difference was the lack of media coverage. Before 'patriotic' folks start criticizing the government, military and public for not giving the Kargil martyrs the respect due to them, let us remember the others who remain forgotten.


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