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    Are you allowed to share "Restricted" type of slides ?

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    no offense but all submarines when first come out the designers hype up product. No one is gonna be "modest" about their submarine.

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    Shiv, I have posted here so many illustrations of ATV but you have not uttered a word regarding their accuracy. Nevertheless I am posting yet another update to the ATV scheme.
    ATV Speculation 6

    Boy, I need to find another hobby.

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    Shiv Aroor

    Harpreet: So sorry, mate! I wish this blog was a full time thing, but it isn't, and I only get to check it once in a while. But that shouldn't stop you from doing the great stuff you're doing — i'm sure a lot of folks visiting LF have seen your work (and appreciated the effort!). Once you're done honing the sub down to its final, send me a copy. I'll be happy to post it here.


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