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  1. 1


    I agree fully with these views.
    If the Indian leaders can take on Australia on the issue of racial attacks ,why are they silent on Chinese incursions.This country seems to have a dual foreign policy.

  2. 2


    Shiv you rock man !!!

  3. 3


    A question for everyone: I read reports that India was planning to make AK 103 rifles in India under license from Russia. This was two years ago. Any progress on that?

  4. 4


    We are strong in IT sector & we have many talents also.
    Then, why our goi is not using them for launching a major cyber attack on chinese networking system?
    Such options of attack should be used in near future.

  5. 5


    I totally agree. Our policy makers should show some spine.

  6. 6


    Excellent article; well thought out. I really hope we come up with something simple, solid, making it too expensive for China to try anything. Let them 'come in' and then hit/block them hard; close their retreat; hamper their supplies/reinforcements; encircle them; take POW's and then hand them back (like we did with the 97000 pakistanin's in 1971-72). Flashing Sword of retribution…… von Manstein did to the Russians right from 1942 till 1944.

    Once again, good article.

  7. 7


    there is no guaranty in 1962 nehru sold our country to china and this time again congress will definetly

    atleast our media doing superb job

  8. 8


    Very nicely written Shiv. From a purely defensive view, we are in a very capable position militarily. For ages we have lived and revelled in the obscurity of being a nobody. high time that our leadership stood up and held the image of the country high.

    Let the Panda come. This time it will be sent back with a bloody nose that can cascade into its own breaking up.

    Vande Mataram

  9. 9


    Nice article Shiv! Could you perhaps do an SWOT analysis of both sides in terms of military might?


  10. 10


    There is more uproar in India when Shahrukh Khan gets stranded in US airport. Chinese are itching for some action and are testing India's strength and resolve.

  11. 11


    Wonderful man, you have put the things in right perspective.

  12. 12


    Indian leaders taking on Australia. lol. Except for an official visit to Australia to hear the Australian government point of view, come here and repeat it to the Indian populace, nothing has happened.

  13. 13


    You forget the Pro-Chinese leader of the communist party. Comrade carrot.

  14. 14


    Come on,
    we have to face the fact. There won't be any war in the near future atleast upto 2020. We know, we can never win a war with China. They are superior to us both in military Technology and count.

    we even don't have a proven TN bomb thats fits into a missile and most our missiles are in development stage and this remains in development stage for another decade. Our arms forces are struggling with old equipment.

    At this stage a war with china will give only a worse nightmare for India. we will be damaged worse than 1962. All the babus know this and thats the main reason they are trying to play low.

    Face the Facts…

  15. 15


    Sending more troops to closer is not only the solution , we need to increase (recruit) mountain troops level in massive.

    Mirage 2000 upgrade is seems like ' Water in Desert'.

    At least to withstand against China we need decent number in inventory. need to increase MBT tanks level to reach 6000 in inventory .
    India has no Ballistic missile to reach Beijing ( we have agni 2 with 2000 kms (very happy to see we are maintaining low volume ) , Agni 3 3000kms in testing stage , prithvi missile agni-2, brahmos 2 should be mass produced to match dragons. India need to purchase ( fastrack)Larger volume of long range ballistic missiles with 8000km range from russia, Long range Bombers like Tu-22 m3 backfire, S-400 SAM , Longer range MBRL , need/try to buy sub's already in inventory from russia(long range missiles ), Russia is willing to support india indirectly, so we need to utilize it.
    Due to MMRCA will take at least 5-6 yrs for 1st jet to reach india , Govt need to purchase AESA capable result oriented fighters like – F16 , Definitely have the sharp edge against china , china already has russian weapons in stock so we need different weapons to face them . Howitzer / MBRL is very important for broader level safety .

    As long has india play game like childish ( maintaining low volume in inventory ), countries like china will play the same(1962) game every time .

  16. 16


    Hi Shiv,
    It's been a long time i have posted something and that goes for visiting your blog. I agree with what you say but the points are
    1. Are we rebuking the Ministers as much as we would like to? Most of the Journalistic community in our country is opiumated on left ideology and anything to do with China, they shove it under tha carpet.

    2. Modi obsessed media more than half of the times works as Kangress's B team. Anything to do with Kangress , they simply turn deaf and dumb.

    3. When will this Goddamn artillery mordernisation happen. More than 25 years have passed and we are twidling thumbs since the last bofors purchase. we have, blacklisted, harrassed and kicked every damn firm in the world. every Damn RFP Bofors has won but Kangress does not want to touch it.

    4. When are we procuring Ultra light howitzers?

    5. Is there any chanakya move behind the silence of GOI? In case there is some method in this madness, what are the issues that dog the nation?

    6. Why the Army chief(Arti man himself) Does not throw down the baton and ask the PM to manage the defense at it's own and resign?

    7. What is happening on the induction of weaponised Dhruv for the time being till the LCH comes through. This will be crucial – airlift capability.

    8. Why the hell we can't get the MK2005 from UAE- around a squad or so to augment the eastern front. Simply buy them.

    9. Can we put pressure on the GOI to come clean on accountability for weapon's acquisition?

    10. What is happening to the Scorpene manufacturing, Incase we want to choke the chinese in IOR.

    11. Are we buying time to match up before we accept the gauntlet thrown at us ?

    We are not behaving as per our weight. We want to beahve the Status quo power only. In the end I would summarise,

    Doing exactly the same things everytime and accepting different results is pure insanity and nothing else. These kangress ministers (with Swiss money in their accounts, which they are dragging feet to get details) don't care about the nation. MMS is just a joke at best. I have said enough about his intellectual abilities as well as his administrative abilities.

    Time for us to whack some Chincoms. We are a warrior civilisation and this drama of us being peace loving nation should stop. it nothing but a pure lie thanks to a moment of madness by Ashoka in kalinga. The whole Anglo- saxon POV history shd be simply scrapped. Sons and daughters of King Bharat should strive for their rightfull place under the sun. Grow Economically and be ready ready t fight for safeguarding the growth. With just 2% GDP spent on Defense we are almost at burkina faso levels. China is spending 6% officially and TSP is at 6% this year plus her 31/2 clients are giving her money for the whoring thru weapons

  17. 17


    Are you Chinese? If not then learn something about warfare. David's have more that 90% chance of winning war against the Goliath's.
    We are an army constantly at war, adpated in the jungle fighting like no one else in the world. We can and will fight for every tree, sapling and even jungle terrain. The times have changed, it's not 1962. Chinese will be grinded in the Saw. It's not for nothing we have lost 45000 young men and women in Kashmir and North-east. we have honed our skills to the point where the mighty (Hahaha) US rangers and marines come and train with us for jungle warfare.
    Stop doing Chinese propaganda and quoting the Lout Sun tzu or whoever that idiot was. Chinese know this and they will never risk a full scale war. it's only the Inch by Inch methodology that I am worried about.
    I guess people need some understanding of strategic affairs before quoting..

  18. 18


    It can be said that India has a world class army but unfortunately 4th rate, spineless politicians.

    Nehru's first let China simply take over Tibet (which for thousands of years had served as buffer between India and China).

    Heck, Nehru at one time even wanted to disband the Indian Army as he felt peace loving India does not need one.

    Furthermore, the man got so carried away with Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai rhetoric that it took decades for India to come out of the humiliating 1962 debacle.

    Even after nearly 47 years of 1962 war, have things really changed?

    We had traitor leftists supporting the last Congress govt., artillery guns havn't been purchased for 25 years now, MRCA deal is languishing for years now, border infrastructure leaves much to be desired.

    If only at least our politicians could at least develop a spine and far sightedness when it comes to dealing with China.

  19. 19


    What was Japan's size as population/area/economy when it attacked China during WW-II and took on much bigger USA ? You basically need Aggressiveness, Ruthlessness and killer instinct.

  20. 20


    Nice article Shiv!

    Rediff is reporting that the meeting has been postponed with no official reason…!

  21. 21


    Hats off Siv. This is the one of the best article of yours.
    China has been making mockery of our Democracy since our independence. And these so called intellectual politicians have only added to there believe. This is time we should show them that the real meaning of democracy, is people's power.
    Expecting more from you.

  22. 23


    Keep your hopes to yourself. You have underestimated the ineptness of our beauraucrats and politicians.

    THE MEETING HAS BEEN CALLED OFF. It seems they want to "bring down the hype on incursions".

    I have no words to express my frustration.

  23. 24


    You are right that its in China's interest to maintain a status quo along the Line of Actual Control. But we are responsible why decades pass with absolutely zero progress on the border dispute. Having drawn and declared a border unilateraly the Indian political class has made it impossible for itself to conceed anything to the Chinese. In fact the Chinese have long pressed for a compromise solution by the way of converting LAC to international border, only to back away after seeing New Delhi's inability to agree to a compromise. Having taught the great Indian map to school childen for decades who sing songs in its praise how are we now supposed to tell our people that we took some extra leberties while defining India's borders.
    Chinese have already resolved numerous border disputes with several of their neighbours by the way of give and take. How many have we resolved? Our democratic setup has made it impossible to resolve even trivial issues like Sir Creek.
    Lately the Chinese have realised there is nothing left to discuss on the border issue, it has been discussed over and over again. What is lacking is political will in India to agree to a compromise and so they have resorted to such pressure tactics.
    We will have to re-educate our people about our history. It wont be easy and may take a generation before our people are ready for a comprimise. The truth is that India and China are not just two nations but two civilizations that have co-existed for over 5000 years. To draw a sharp line between them can never be easy. Instead of consulting our neighbours with whome we share our borders we took the easy approach by resoting to what an angrez Mr McMahon thaught our border should be.
    There will be no solution with the kind of Self-righteousness Shiv, you are advocating. Lets not forget that this feeling is as strong on the other side.

  24. 25


    China has settled its land borders with 12 of its neighbors, leaving only Bhutan – which has no diplomatic relations with China – and India

  25. 26


    Only way to take on China with no dust on our hands is:

    Call on all tibetan all over the world.Give them weapons.give them food.give them minimum training how to kill on an average panda.
    Once we feel that the tibetan army of a million is ready to fight, keep them on hold.
    Then use DL-Tibet-Tawang.
    Give him full freedom to use this pawn carefully.

    Change our stance on Tibet and send a telegram to Chinese highcomission in delhi that we found our old maps of over 3000 years and they say that Tibet is part of India.Since manasarovar,great himilayas and mount everest were included in every indian epics,we can justify the fact.Then broadcast Lama`s speech all over the world.
    Forsure we are waking up a sleeping dragon, but moreover they are woke a sleeping nara rakshasa(India).We fare good when we sleep to the enemy.
    With over a million Tibetans with arms and supporting gurkhas every one can make up a decent army to get back 5 heads for the loss of 1 head in the past.
    Trust me in less than 3 months Tibet will become part of India.And if its Tibetan interest we can declare it as autonomous region and we can still call on IA,IAF to base their forces for regional security.Lol…….if its the case, we dont really need AIII to hit beejing.then the AII might be good enough eh…….

  26. 27


    Hi Hatpreet, well I too am angry with GOI for adhering to the gora maps. We simply forgot Mansarovar, its importance to dharmic religions. China shd actually claim till kapil vastu. Budha was born there,why only tawang.if 5k years is the benchmark then we shd lay claim to tibet,afghanistan,burma, thialand and off course singapore too.will reply at length in a while

  27. 28



    Obviously the PRC's most advanced ICBM is the DF-31A, with near-global range. When would India field an equivalent?

    In the meantime, the Indian people would be better off booting out the Chicom-hugging traitors and replacing them with India-loving patriots determined to defend their homeland.

    Vishnu = David
    Dragon = Goliath

  28. 29


    It's Shiv's blog and I would refrain from making any caustic comment, However, I agree with you that GOI is inept now also. They taught us the wrong map. Since you mentioned 5000 years of civilisation, then let me bring to your notice that Tibet was never a part of china, they had an independent flag, even participated in Shimla conference on boudary settlement with then British India and China as a sovereign nation.
    The GOI's mistake are a laundry list..

    1. They let go off Tibet (natural buffer) between us.

    2. Along with this we lost Mansarovar lake (pious to the dharmis)

    3. Xin-Xiang too wan an independent entity, British India used to station an officer there.

    4. Actually GOI shd have encouraged the Chincoms to claim till kapil vaastu, Why ? b'cos budha was born there. why only tawang?

    5. We learnt nothing from goras in terms of defense.

  29. 30


    Hi Shiv,

    I am one of those who believe that a section of the media is indeed going overboard with the China issue. They are making a mountain out of a molehill here for reasons best known to them. Allow me to elaborate.

    Have the Chinese intruded into what we claim is our territory? Undoubtedly so! But China's supposed aggression is hardly a new thing. The fact of the matter is that the Indo-China border is very vague and ill-defined. So patrols from both sides inadvertently cross over to the other side all the time. It is almost routine, it has been happening for decades, and is hardly a new phenomenon.

    Why the media insists on blowing these things out of proportion remains a mystery to me. This also happened a year back with the same sections of the media hyperventilating about Chinese incursions in Arunachal and Tawang. And when I showed these reports to Army and BRO officers serving in those sectors, they were quite amused, for the situation on the ground was no different than what it was earlier. Surely you have heard all of this before. Surely if you had spoken to military men in Ladakh, they would have told you about the times Indian patrols crossed into China without anyone making a big deal out of it!

    When Krishna and Tharoor explain this in as many words, why do you insist on labeling this as an "apologetic policy"? They are better aware of the facts on the ground than you are! And as expected, there isn't a peep out of the Chinese, but the don't go around explaining themselves anyway, and in this case there isn't much to explain.

    Coming to your other argument, I fully agree with you about the ability of India to severely maul the Chinese if they try attacking in Arunachal and Ladakh. Both places are defenders' paradises and the PLA simply doesn't have the ability to sustain an offensive on the border – their logistics simply won't allow it. The final bean count is irrelevant if the supply chain cannot cater to it effectively.

  30. 31


    The only way China and India can grow economically is by being open and accommodate each others interests.

    India is not accommodating China with respect to Tibet.
    China is more than not accommodating India by supplying nukes and long range missiles to Paki land.

    IMO, these are the core issues that need to be discussed. Border intrusion and Indian medias response is a manifestation of the core issues.

  31. 32


    chandrabhan, I only meant that India and China are two civilizations that have co-existed for long and therefore have fussy frontiers with both cultures reaching deep into the other as in your examples. Drawing a sharp border between two civilizations is not easy, cannot be done without compromising and should not have been done unilaterally.

  32. 33


    We're seeing an eerie replay of the run up to 1962. The media was loud then, and the political class reacted with increasing hysteria, leading to the disastrous "Forward Policy".

    In a democracy the media does a lot to mould public opinion, and the politicians feel compelled to react- often just to show that "they're doing something". In a system like India's where the political leadership has, for the most part, little grasp on military and strategic affairs, this can lead to knee-jerk, precipitate action.

    Whether India can take on China militarily is a subject of endless debate. May be it can, may be it can't- we just don't know. Suffice to say that poltico-bureaucratic stifling of procurement, and the woeful neglect of infrastructure hasn't helped.

    China will play its cards based on its perception of self-interest, and its prevarication on border talks should come as no surprise. It has been able to strategically pin India below the Himalayas at very low cost, and it will probably continue to do so.

    The media can play a helpful role in informing, and shaping public policy. However, relentless barrages of the sort seen, only corner political leadership into actions with the short-term objective of getting the media off their backs. The public media is not the right place to drive sensitive military action. "Walk softly, and carry a big stick," as the American maxim goes.

    Take the government to task by all means for delays in equipping the armed forces properly. Hold them accountable for the woeful state of infrastructure. Nail them for not having implemented several recommendations on intelligence reform, and the need for a Chief of Defence Staff. Hammer away at the steady erosion of the status given to the armed forces in relation to babudom. Etc., etc., etc..

    But, please be aware that, despite the best intentions, creating a drumbeat of perception on events on the border can goad the country into putting its brave young men and women in harm's way, before they have a fighting chance of success- that's what happened in 1962.

    In other words, give the leadership the elbow room to do the right thing.

  33. 34


    china's influence never reached beyond East Asia and even its limited influence in south east asia is nothing comparable to the historical Indian influence there.On the other hand, India's influence reached beyond Indian Subcontinent ('South Asia' in Anglo-American terms).Entire South East Asia including what is now called 'Indo-China' was called 'Greater India' for centuries.The Chinese never militarily penetrated any terrorities beyond Manchuria in the east and Xinjjiang in the west.In other words, today's china's borders (which was a gift of non-Han manchus who united the nation with current borders)are the greatest extent to which any chinese empire penetrated.On the other hand, Historical India was far larger and far powerful than historical china.Economically in the last 2000 years, Historical India was the World's largest economy for 1600 years, historical china mearly for 200 years.Militarily, Indian Empires in different time periods penetrated as far as Persia in the west during mauryan times and Indonesia-Malyasia in the east during the chola times.And Zheng He 's 'voyages' of attacking small coastal areas are nothing compared to the Chola's 'invasion's' of huge established empire and Kingdoms.In terms of ideas and culture, historical china itself is a recipient of historical India's superior idea's and culture.If you take historical precedence as yard stick, from every angle it will be India that would be dominant in Asia once again

    The cultural relations between India and China can be traced back to very early times. There are numerous references to China in Sanskrit texts, but their chronology is sketchy. The Mahabharata refers to China several times, including a reference to presents brought by the Chinese at the Rajasuya Yajna of the Pandavas; also, the Arthasastra and the Manusmriti mention China. According to French art historian, Réné Grousset, the name China comes from “an ancient” Sanskrit name for the regions to the east, and not, as often supposed, from the name of the state of Ch’in, the first dynasty established by Shih Huang Ti in 221 BC. The Sanskrit name Cina for China could have been derived from the small state of that name in Chan-si in the northwest of China, which flourished in the fourth century BC. Scholars have pointed out that the Chinese word for lion, shih, used long before the Chin dynasty, was derived from the Sanskrit word, simha, and that the Greek word for China, Tzinista, used by some later writers, appears to be derivative of the Sanskrit Chinasthana. According to Terence Duke, martial arts went from India to China. Fighting without weapons was a specialty of the ancient kshatriya warriors of India. Both Arnold Toynbee and Sir L. Wooley speak of a ready made culture coming to China. That was the Vedic culture of India.
    Until recently, India and China had coexisted peacefully for over two thousand years. This amicable relationship may have been nurtured by the close historical and religious ties of Buddhism, introduced to China by Indian monks at a very early stage of their respective histories, although there are fragmentary records of contacts anterior to the introduction of Buddhism.

  34. 35


    Gerolamo Emilio Gerini (1860 -1913) has said: «During the three or four centuries, preceding the Christian era, we find Hindu dynasties established by adventurers, claiming descent from the kshatriya potentates of northern India, ruling in upper Burma, in Siam and Laos, in Yunnan and Tonkin, and even in most parts of southeastern China». The Chinese literature of the third century is full of geographic and mythological elements derived from India. «I see no reason to doubt, — comments Arthur Waley in his book, The Way and its Power, — that the ‘holy mountain-men’ (sheng-hsien) described by Lieh Tzu are Indian rishi; and when we read in Chuang Tzu of certain Taoists who practiced movements very similar to the asanas of Hindu yoga, it is at least a possibility that some knowledge of the yoga technique which these rishi used had also drifted into China».

    Chinese early religion was based on nature and had many things in common with Vedic Hinduism, with a pantheon of deities.
    «Never before had China seen a religion so rich in imagery, so beautiful and captivating in ritualism and so bold in cosmological and metaphysical speculations. Like a poor beggar suddenly halting before a magnificent storehouse of precious stones of dazzling brilliancy and splendor, China was overwhelmed, baffled and overjoyed. She begged and borrowed freely from this munificent giver. The first borrowings were chiefly from the religious life of India, in which China’s indebtedness to India can never be fully told». (D. P. Singhal, India and World Civilization).

  35. 36


    We all have forgotten that in 1962 we did not have a big Navy and the Chinese did not trade from the sea like they do now.Much of their energy imports pass through the Indian Ocean,particularly the Malacca Straits.It is not difficult for the IN to catch their neck there.If they are superior on the border we are better off in the sea – where it matters!

  36. 37

    Prasun K Sengupta

    To Harpreet & Chandrabhan: I would tend to veer towards the view that too much is being made of the PAP intrusions, simply because they are seasonal intrusions, and not distinct violations of India's territorial boundary. I won't be surprised at all if such intrusions register a dramatic decline after the first week of next month, i.e. after the October 1 Beijing military parade. Until then, given the PRC's penchant for oozing-out xenophbic nationalism (as opposed to proud patriotism), such incursions or intrusions should be expected and accounted for. Incidentally, during a recent seminar on regional security matters in Singapore, I had a brief and frank exchange of views with a Chinese scholar hailing from a Shanghai-based and govt-supported think-tank, who clearly and well-meaningly expressed Beijing's apprehensions about India, and I;m quoting him here: "If the Indians, despite the existence of a dysfunctional and chaotic internal politico-economic system, can still achieve 9% GDP growth rate, imagine what India can achieve if it were to have the kind of internal political stability and discipline of the kind prevailing in China". This is what interests China the most, and for the PRC, India is a threat to the PRC's economic predominance in East Africa, South Asia and East Asia, and not a military threat.
    However, despite all this, India's Union Minister of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Defence should begin implementing a unified command-and-control structure (of the type prevailing in China between thr PLA and PAP) aimed at not only border management, but also border dominance, a concept that has been totally neglected thus far.

  37. 38


    More like Sleeping tiger and crouching dragon.

    Its like haveing a deja vu….
    Congress in power
    Nehru ignores Intel breifs
    Army unprepared
    Airforce not deployed
    Lack of equipment
    Now 2012
    Congress in power ..Check!
    Nehru ignores Intel breifs..lets call it nehru gandhi clan…check
    Army unprepared … Ill equipped…check
    Airforce not deployed…well there was some thing about Su 30mki being deployed…

    But too small a number

    Deja vu…. deja vu

  38. 40


    Hey s-HIV,

    Ho much did RAW pay you to type this non-sensical crap and fool the indian public?

  39. 41


    I would say a bottle of low quality 'jin'?

  40. 42


    To the chinese person above "LIN", don't apply the same lousy set of values you are familiar with to others. instead of attacking the messenger rack that tiny little rat brain of yours and question your governments foreign policy. Existing public opinion of China is very negative in India thanks to your cheap "Made in china" garbage is made worse by people like yourself not Shiv, here no-one has to pay anyone to post blogs. Your barbarian culture won't let you see that. Now begone!!

  41. 43


    To Fellow Citizen,

    Stop sponsoring our enemy. Stop buying Made in China products.

  42. 44


    jIN, how much did ISI pay you to pull the wool over the eyes of unsuspecting Indians ?

  43. 45


    China will whup India again not because they are good but because how arrogant the Indian institution and pundits are. 90% of the people posting above are nothing more than mindless middle aged, sweaty upper lipped male cheerleaders for an Indian military culture of corruption, arrogance and ineptness.

  44. 46


    Jin Chodu is pissed, mission accomplished, good job Shiv !

  45. 47


    What India needs vis a vis China is a bunch of 'freedom fighters' just like what the Pakis have vis a vis India. A couple of Freedom fighters with IEDs and suicide bomb attacks against Chinese border patrols will work wonders. Unfortunately the people most qualified for the role of freedom fighters — the Tibetans, are more happy selling sweaters & socks in various Indian towns and cities rather than concerning themselves with strategic games.

  46. 48


    Vincent, do you have a job? a family? … a life? or do you just keep bragging and whining on the web?

  47. 49


    Spot on Shiv.
    Good article with fairness in its writ.

  48. 50


    Hey Vincent, I agree we are all middle aged already – Life expectancy at 69.5 Years and I am already 34. To add to your diatribe, I have some experience with cheerleading – (Sleeping around with cheerleaders, Man goris are good).
    Corrupt,arrogant,inept ? Yes yes yes. But if china was so powerful why they and their whore Terrorist state of pakistan not attacked till now? The truth is that China is a very insecure nation… OOOPS civilisation. They have too many problems of their own and add to that their old teacher – India is back on song.
    Chinese are insecure and have deep sense of inferiority. No other nation in the world observe a 'Humiliation day'. Well China has. No lecture needed from them on being disciplined and wonders of centralised economy. We are and were a resource rich land/civilisation unlike them. This centralised planning module can only work in resource scarce land. We will have a revolt in case we control people too much. Arabs and Chinese needed these changes in their lives. One got Ummah and another got this 'Chinese pipl' Empellol Hu shd think about saving his own backside. Anglo-saxon are about to ram him by hyperinflating and turning the dollah wumpum. 2 trillion of chinese public money will be good enough for wrapping noodles and wanton chicken. we will do far better with 30000 tons of gold in private hands.
    We survived 10000 years and will survive another 10,000.
    Anybody need to sing peans for china,come on, we can have little chat 🙂

  49. 51


    Great to see Indian arrogance. Come on Indians pressure govt to attack China. Are you cowards?

  50. 52


    chinese are cowards more like. come on, take taiwan.

  51. 53


    Shiv, Kindky interview those Gurudas and Yechurys and expose them on this issue…….the country has every right to hear their opinion on this issue…..They are the most venomous snakes present who doesn't bother even to bite their Mother(land)…….

  52. 54


    kudos shiv………….a great article,,,,,,,it was nehru and tht menon the defence minister who screwed us in tht war…….why were they not tried in the court in tht time

  53. 55


    Enough is enough………..we should accept the facts tht nehru was responsible for the war we lost with china……… we must not praise himmm…………else we should be a new country which can be aggressive at times,,,,,,,not 1962 like hindi chini bhai bhai……also how dare tht stupid communist stop the ordanance factories and made coffee powdre thr


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