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    The only abroad IAF base created at hyni (Tajikistan)in the period of former PM Vajpayee , to have eye on Pak / China , now its not so active . China mainly opposed to avoid this base by Shanghai co-operation . Russia also slightly opposed to this due to pressure from china, and apart from this , india is turning to US for weapons , this has irritated russia .

    Govt need to keep this base Highly active , we need to purchase russian weapons and jets for this base to keep cool russia , this base is very important for india. India need to make this base to kept Army troops also, in case of future war with china we need to send strong troops from hyni base, so india need to have that kind of agreement with Tajik.
    As per abroad base india need to have tri force base in Vietnam .

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    So do we or do we not have a base in Takakistan?

    I knida of think we have one….

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    Look at the difference in pot-bellies of our personnel and theirs. LOL

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    Yet another rotund general

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    Can you do a piece on the PAF inventory?

    How good are those 42 PAF Nanchang A-5C/Q-5 aircraft and what condition are they in? They seem to be in line to be replaced by the "Thunder" by next

    Are they capable of dropping the "big one"?

    What use would they serve should a war break out?

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    again china blocked adb loaN FOR arunachal pradesh what the fuck the foreign ministry is doing is that ministers alive or dead even countries like japan , aus voted against us and now our political abaus allowing cheap chinki products into india why cant they ban all chinki products atleast we solve border issues even chinkies sponcering , terrorism in india by both paki ,direct ulfas isnt that business is more important than doing business with enemy UTTER politics

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    Why do Indian Army officers tend to be short fat and greedy ?


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