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    This is great news! But don't quite think the jets have been delivered yet. So it could be something on the RADAR front. Is the Brazilian team here to help us with RADAR too? I guess its here for the integration with the jets only.

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    Dear Folks ,
    Kindky forgive me if I am hurting some feelings but have you read the TOI expose on the Insas Rifles and our hand grenades ?

    According to the report, our tecnos do not evevn have the capability of :-
    a) Changing the color of the rifle's "furniture" from its hidious existing " dogs excreta" color to a better camouflaged brown.
    b) The sling breaks during training and the guns fall to the ground .

    c) The magazine cracks on single fall.

    d) The oil leaks during firing .
    e) The night sights give a blurred vision
    f) 30 percent of the grenades are duds.

    So how can any soldier have any reliance on our engineers and scientists? All this talk of our own Aew/Awacs seems to be just eyewash.
    Today I really felt ashamed at the callousness of our leaders, intelligencia and everyone who sleeps under the security provided by our brave jawans .

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    Dr. Christopher "LEE" has to deliver this time. unfortunately the top brass who makes a cerimonial visit gets fooled by power point presentations and some guest house lunches and exhibits of future fossil remains of so calles AESA elements , systems, subsystems. Nobody really bothers to do a realistic project review and try to catch the shortfalls.so another saga continues for ever!

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    Rome was not built in a day or a year for that matter. Patience is a key to advanced technological achievements. India, for all its folly, allows free media coverage of defense. No wonder that is bound to expose a lot of irregularities. United Kingdom, for instance, despite having phenomenal armed forces, faces similar problems of obsolescence, poor quality etc. Take SA-80 assault rifle project for instance. Add Nimrod project to that. What I mean to say is we Indians don't praise ourselves for good things we do. Determination, patience and self confidence are inseparable elements of a nations development. Let me tell you, I live in US and people here indeed praise India for the remarkable development of her IT, Nuclear fields and her solid, stable, secular government.

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    And still those MORONS call us SLUMDOGS.No big deal for u…or is it??
    Don't compare Rome to defence equipments. Rome is a standard for anything we build unlike CABS.

    Perhaps someone's kid might have passed some sort of exam at CABS.So these high-officials are going for sweets.U never know.

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    Ahh, great. Maybe we'll see this one operational in LESS than 20 years. One can only hope…

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    the terminator

    As usual Indian chest thumping at its best. Even before anything tangible is achieved they come out with their drivel.

    Trumpet as much as you want after the fact. On successful completion of a project that has met all projected parameters, go on a road show if that is what you need to portray your excellence. BUT until then please spare us your nonsense.

    As an Indian I feel embarassed whenever I hear of a project (eg. the Kaveri aero-engine) to have been completed after so many decades but still not inducted because it falls far short in requirements of the end-users.

    I only wish GTRE was more like ISRO in its work culture and achievements.


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