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    so starts another era of India falling behind China, who is copying Western weapons and not Russian weapons. Think about it but do it quickly or your tanned head might overheat.

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    Anyone care to tell me why is there a blooming Lal Bahadur Shastri look-alike in the 1st & 2nd pics?!!

    Seriously guys, I get pissed off whenever I see our mantris and babus insisting on projecting their 'indian-ness' at international forums and ending up looking like idiots. That way, I was happy to see our anna — P.C.Chidambaram in a business suit in one of his recent phoren visits. Way to go anna, show 'em the way!

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    Till now they are finalizing only the orders which placed in 2004, maybe some tiny new orders . india need big placement's like S-400/ Tu-22m3 backfire long range bombers /Topol-M(may be in secret purchase , till now india doesn't have any missile to reach to Beijing , at least 8,000 km range ballistic missiles are needed in good volumes for emergency purpose . India hardly needs longer range MBRL's .

    MoD should need to watch what our foe's( china) have in inventory .

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    @anonymous at 3:19pm,

    If you pissed off at others showing Indianness then it is your problem not theirs. And we know who you are, don't we?

    Modernisation is NOT Westernization. Get used to it if you want to see the rest of this century without a shock.

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    Sign on or Sign up?
    Anyways, I really hope that this will make the defence deals go faster than the normal Hindu rate of growth. AK Antony where the hell are the Bofors guns you idiots.

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    He does look stupid. He might be resigned to the fact that he will not become prime minister.

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    all f-18 and f-16 supporter please read how S.Korea having problem with their F-15K due -"Boeing had failed to hand over the relevant information."


    Now thing OF TOT from LM and Boeing if they win MMRCA.

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    P Mukherjee

    Good move, we need to have one foot on firm ground while we explore new grounds with the other…………Russia is s reliable friend.

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    Vincent the Great

    Good move, we need to have one leg sinking in black stinking quicksand while we frantically tap the ground nearby with the other… Russia is a reliably backward friend.

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    Good move, we need to have one leg sinking in American quicksand while we frantically tap the ground nearby with the other… the US is a 'SANCTI'monious friend.

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    Our netas r so f##kin ugly. They must learn how to dress and carry themselves. That ridiculous hat makes him look even more stupid.These netas must get lessons on etiquettes and personal grooming. They are the face of India.


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