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    I saw these pictures a while ago in Milphoto forum !

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    Man that's one sweet looking VIPER.. The Dhruv, well let's not ruin the moment. As long as it can get the work done (which I have my doubts because of high ground clearance and possible rollover issues as the center of gravity looks fcuked up) then who cares. The VIPER sure can kick ass. Let's hope the Army and the State police order these and not some ANGREZ maal.

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    the 'Viper' is described as a 'fast moving attack vehicle.' is this just differentiating marketing jargon for a 'High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle,' as it looks like it could be one… or am i missing something, and it is an altogether different class of vehicle?
    it sure looks a lot sexier than the Mahindra Axe!

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    "Viper" is Indian version of GURKHA LAPV .

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    Why did they have to use the same name as the army chopper Dhruv? Are we short of names?

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    These will never be bought by IA. They don't have the "Made in USA" stickers on them.

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    the terminator

    Shri Lakshmi Defence Industries should include a R&R package as part of its marketing strategy.

    If white, black, brown or yellow mares are offered for free rides as part and parcel of the deal, you would be surprised at the number of Vipers and Dhruvs ordered just for the chance of mounting/riding any of those mares.

    Even if all those mares are available locally, our generals, netas and babooos won't touch them because they do not come with a FOREIGN tag.

    The sales package should include a comprehensive album of the mares available from all angles for the guys to feast their on to impress them not to miss the golden opportunity.

    This is not CORRUPTION. In India all defence deals are supposed to be corrupted by those who did not get to order their preferred choice of equipment.

    Just scandalise a deal and not only the products but also the company that manufactures those would be banned for ever.

    Who cares if those banned products are the best in the market? Who cares if the Armed Forces would have to sacrifice their personnel because of inferior equipment purchased to line the pockets of those involved in such deals?

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    @ Anonymous 5

    i think 'Dhruv' is an amazing name. they should name every awesome piece of equipment Dhruv! 😛

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    P Mukherjee

    May we know exactly how many 'Made in USA' sticker bearing combat vehicles the IA has in its kitty?

    God, the same old shit being shovelled around by the same old specimen!! Dont you guys ever get tierd??

    The vehicles will be inducted into the IA if they are good and worthy and meet IA's specs and not because you say so. Like they say, one should not try to teach ones father how to f***, likewise let the pseudo-patriotic 'jaya ho' crowd not try to teach patriotism to the IA.

    No doubt these vehicles look good. But no one said the IA should buy them or that it even needs them. The police or CPOs may go for them for all we know.

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    This is stupid. What these vehicles desperately need is angled underbodies to deflect the blast from mines. This 'new' design is useless.

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    11 Sep 2009 … The company has recently renamed Armet Armored Vehicles (India) Ltd. as Shri Lakshmi Defense Solution Limited, a 100% subsidiary of SLCL. …I think the vehicles were developed in the UK.But looks good! should be sent to gadchiroli and pulwama urgently!

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    the dhruv looks so freakin stupid. why dhruv? its already the name of a chopper! cant they find some other name?

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    The Dhruv tyres look puny and god only knows with such weight what it will do in Xcountry terrain. I can imagine it getting stuck in the slush without much difficulty. The viper looks masculine and has Army written all over it. Pity what will happen to some Commanding officers lady wives who would like these to be more like sedans from the inside to attend meetings and kitties!!


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