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  1. 1


    Hopeless photo..should've put some action photo

  2. 2


    US grows when its Govt is Awake and India grows when the Govt is Asleep!

    Our leader is good for protecting themselves and saving money in Swiss bank. Look at the SPG guys and compare them with NSG.

    Hail the bravehearts. Indians are really bravehearts.

  3. 3

    Shiv Aroor

    first anon: crawl out from under your rock, moron.

  4. 4


    Shiv sir,

    For 3 days my life was on hold last year.

    A year later as far as I can see Pakistan has paid 100 times the price for this madness that they perpetrated a year ago. Every day there are blasts and attacks there and now they know that the monster that they had created has come back to haunt them.

    As the saying goes, Karma is a bi***.

  5. 5


    What is there to remember in 26/11? Administrative failure, intelligence failure, military failure, lack of coordination resulting in 200 lives.

    Israel laughed at the NSG for taking 60 hrs for a 24 hr operation. What is there to remember and be proud of, and Shiv why dont you enjoy your post marital bliss (as has been written in one of the comments down below about you being married etc) instead of remembering all these ghastly images

  6. 6


    Really hopeless photo, doesn't portray 26/11 in any way.

  7. 7


    Supposing I put this picture saying investors looking at the ticker on the BSE on a day on which the stocks plummeted..

  8. 8



    I offer my tributes to all noble and brave men who sacrificed their life for our nation on this day a very year ago.

    On one side we see the captured terrorist of Mumbai attacks Kasav has not been hanged to death, the Parliament attack death penalty convict Afzal Guru is not been hanged, IIsc attack trials are yet to begin and so forth. Why is it happening… Is the Govt trying to appease its Muslim voters to stay in power or what???

    On the other side we see , the likes of Kavita Karkare-ji and other relatives of 26/11 heros running from pool to pool to get compensated.

    I wish brave Journo's and media like you should throw light on these issues today too… When i view news channels, i mostly find critisims against opposition just because they are pro Hindus. Is it fair??

  9. 9


    i would like to like to virtually spit on the face of the obviously bigoted anonymous poster before me. why? because you are an obviously close minded bigot. hindus weren't the only ones to die that day. please don't cheapen the loss of life by implying that a majority of muslim citizens in our country want to see Kasab alive.

  10. 10


    What should we remember …how p-sec media types like barkha dutt, sagarika ghose wetted their panties over how India should not attack pakistan? ..perhaps a substantial section of india's journalists and media should first stand up and compare themselves to sandeep unnikrishnan and see what standards they have to rise to…instead of playing liberal all the time..and spending more tears on mahesh bhatt and his family…than the real indians who die on the border..

  11. 11


    I never forgot it even for a day. My brother is one of the Para officers involved. I also never forgot ot for different reasons. for the first time the rich of this country bore the brunt of terrorism and see how they are bellwoing with pain. We all, never bothered to pay naything more than lip service to Indians dying in bomb blasts in Assam/Manipur/ Mumbai trains or Varanasi temples. Are they children of lesser Indians.

    This sheer hypocrisy and the drama enacted by NDTV bandwagon at TAJ/Oberoi was filthy and looked like serving the interests of some privileged class. How many TV journalist covered the blood bath at VT? just compare the footage and the time allotted per victim at Five stars and VT? At VT poor Indians died.

    Every damn journalist ( Burkha dutt to CNN IBN brigade) claimed Taj as their own. what about VT victims? Every one is talking about the heroism of Karkare & Kamte, Brave they were yes indeed. What about the constables who laid their lives? Tukaram caught hold of the AK47 muzzle and it did not let it go even after volley of bullets. That is raw courage, that i what i salute, charging at the maruaders with one police baton in hand at ripe age of 56. Who gets the mileage, Officers! Utterly corrupt IPS class.

    Apart from the dastardly act of the Pakistani marauders, I remember this day for the sheer hypocricy and extreme cowardice of indian elite. 300 people in a restaurant could not pounce on 2 shooters? people were busy hiding under tables. An AK47 Mag has 35 bullets only and it takes time to reload minimum 20 secs. Shameless cowards ! what i hear from my brother is that people were crying and clung to the feet of commandoes to take them out.

    Young Taj brave heart staff bore the brunt, trying to rescue these filthy self serving class. In munich 6 Israeli athletes fought tooth and nail before letting the 9 terrorists in. they died fighting.

    I have dined & wined many a times at Taj and there are places where 30-40 people who have tackled these 2 people shooting in the restaurant.

    Anyway enough of rant and I don't expect anything form Kangress except lip service. These candle wallhs, Kuldeep nayyer types along with NDTV/ CNN equal equal types should be publicly rediculed for saying that pakistan is also a victim of terror.

    I have not seen any Indian or Israeli going to La whore and blowing himself up, shooting people in the alleys and railway stations. They deserve much more than what is happening there. Average pakistani hates India and the whole Identity of Pakistan is based on one single premise, " We are not India".

    I am beginning to wonder – these fellows claim to be devoutly Islamic right? Despite their being devout if their country is being screwed by all and sundry, surely it does not take too much intelligence to figure out that Allah himself must be singling them out for special punishment?

    I mean how much brains does it take to think:

    "I am a good Muslim. Allah helps Muslims. But I am being screwed. I have become a better Muslim. I am still getting screwed. Allah can't be wrong in screwing me. Then there must be something wrong with me"

    I feel that the entire goddam nation of Pakistan has a mental disease, They are in denial and cognitive dissonance is beginning to show itself at a national level. If fact that scheme to remove the name "Islamic" from Pakistan and call it "People's Republic" is an admission that there is a problem. It's only one small step from there to start understanding that cursing India, cursing Hindus, blaming everything on Hindus, Jews etc is not working because Allah does not want it to work. Allah does not seem to believe that the Pakistanis are doing the right things. Or else why would he screw the devout Pakis, I ask you?

    If Pakistanis claim that they have a great country of great people why is Allah continuously screwing Pakistan. Either Pakis are wrong or Allah is wrong. No? Any Paki should be able to figure that one out.

  12. 12


    Shiv……you out from Jail ????? parole ?? Prasun still there, since he has not reacted to the chaos on his blog; and…………how's the making out with boyfriend who's been busy chasing up the twin seat Tejas????


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