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    Well Done.
    Waiting to hear of induction.
    More range and lethality expected for future.

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    Thanks for the pics Shiv,
    Just inquisitive… Will this be a standard feature on all OPV like INS Subhadra or its just a test vehicle? Moreover, are there plans to have more Prithvis per ship or will it remain at 1 only? Is it feasible to have only 1 per ship?

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    Venkatesh T


    Good news. But why did you photoshop the picture, that too very badly. It would been better if you did not posted the picture at all.

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    What a waste of time and money. We already have brahmos and klub class missiles which are more advanced and compact. Also,unlike Brahmos/Klub this is a liquid fuel rocket – that means it has to be fueled just before the launch every time. DRDO should be shut down or privatized.

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    Dhagash, a cruise missile is exactly that, its a cruise missile it has a smaller payload has a much different trajectory and is used to hit high valued targets. A ballastic missile could be used in a much wider theatre of operation.

    And, it doesn't hurt to hedge your bets does it?
    It not such a bad thing to master multiple technologies does it?

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    Also, Dhagash(nice name, btw),

    If we want to nuke Karachi, Gwadar, Lahore or Islamabad, we are much better at having a short range missile with a different trajectory than the Brahmos which might present a differnt headache to anyone trying to stop them.

  7. 8

    joydeep ghosh

    thanks 4r the news shiv, but I hav few querry

    Q1. Will this be a standard feature on all OPVs?

    Q2. Can there b a solid fueled version of this missile

    Q3. Whats the induction timeframe

    Q4. Why the Klub class missiles hav not been tested by Indians till date.

    Q5. Anything about Shaurya or Sagaraika missiles

  8. 9


    Venkatesh T,

    How are you able to say that he photoshopped it?

    The SAME pictures have been published elsewhere in the media.

  9. 10


    Prithvi (and its varients) is the only credible missile we have in our arsenal…. Agni is yet to prove its trustworthyness and ops readiness. But if China is considered a serious threat then Prithvi is hopelessly inadequate.

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    The dhanush are N tipped. The Indian Navy is a nuclear weapons equipped force and the Dhanush is the delivery vehicle. There is only one Dhanush on the ship.
    India is going the way the other nuclear powers (except pakistan) are going wrt missiles.

    The cruise missiles (Brahmos, Klub, Nirbhay) all carry conventional warheads and are intended for precision strike from standoff distances.

    The ballistic missiles will have either conventional or Nuclear warheads.

    The klub has been tested several times by the navy, even the sub launched ones. But since the klub is a already tested and inducted missile, its tests are done in military exercises and are not reported as they are not developmental trials.

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    Cruise missiles can also have nuclear warheads. ASMP of France is one example. In fact, cruise missiles are considered extremely dangerous and can sneak up on the enemy without much warning.
    Here is the list of operational cruise missiles: http://www.fas.org/irp/threat/missile/naic/part07.htm

    In the era of canister based, solid fueled, compact missiles bulky missile like Dhanush seem obsolete.

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    To, anonymous at 8:35 pm – Two large patrol vessels of Indian Navy-INS Subhadra(P51) & INS Suvarna(P52) were retrofitted with Dhanush stabilizer.Two missiles are housed in the helicopter hanger & wheeled out for launch,one after another.

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    I dont understand why DRDO keeps working on dinosaurs. I hope IN is not forced to accomodate this funny thing on their decks.

  14. 15


    If these missiles are going to be deployed in open like the way they are launched, rather than canisters in a battle ship cruiser with a longer range(1000Km+) version,Then they are of no use.They should be developed only for experiment.DRDO should focus more on SLBM and long range cruise missiles like tomahawk rather than testing these 350 KM range version of prithvi.

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    I am surprised Shiv you being a reporter of headlines today don't put your view point that these tests can just be used for experimental purposes.The need of the hour is to work on long range of Brahmos and develop long range cruise missile on the lines of tomahawk.

  16. 17


    I hope the reporters don't show these missile test as if India had tested ICBM or a long range SLBM.Let the people of India be aware that these missiles can give us detterence against ccountries like Pakistan Srilanka , Bangladesh etc etc.They are just experimental devices as of now to have detterance against countries like China we should talk about either ICBM with range no less than 3500 Km.Nuc Subs are supposed to be armed with SLBM's with Long range so that they can fire them at the enemy from distant location.Shiv do you think K 15 with 700 Km range can be prove to a threat to an enemy.


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