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    1st photo I…think is not MKI….it may be 30 MK…but India do not operate them…!

    1. 1.1

      Pritam Ghosh

      The canards are at an angle so it is easy to miss.It is a su30

  2. 2

    Rahul Singh

    Forgive me if i'm offencive but i'll like to suggest you to get some serious stuff for us like LCH instead of random photo posting.

  3. 3


    shyam if u look closely u can see the


  4. 4


    This guy calls himself a journo!!!! Dude who are u fleecing by posting incorrect pics. Post something useful, get ur facts straight!

  5. 5


    It seems like they've taken off the canards in the first pic! It can't be MK, since the edges aren't smooth.

  6. 6


    Off topic: Shiv, Do you have any idea why Prasun's trishulgroup blog is inactive..its been a long time..

  7. 7


    Why must commenters be either:
    a) Ignorant, b) Nasty, or c) Both?

    Shyam – India has operated the MK (although the one pictured is not an MK).
    Rahul – Yes, you're offensive; and no, it's not forgivable. Shiv has not taken a "theka" to please your lordship. If you don't like his posts – lump it over to some other blog.
    Anon at 9:14 – Your ignorance and "winning" personality are only outdone by your unsurpassed stupidity.

  8. 8

    Rahul Singh

    Anon @ 7:39
    I had made the suggestion(may be not in humble words and i'm sorry for that) to Shiv not to you. I'm finding it hard to understand, with what authority you are uttering these words?

  9. 9


    Dear Sir,
    You are aware that the internet is a worldwide free forum of ideas and speech? I presume you do, since you felt free to aim your words at Shiv. Now, that makes you a participant, and people can feel free to respond to your words (what's good for the goose…).
    Therefore sir, I utter these words with the same authority that you used to utter your words. No more, no less. I'm sure Shiv often wants to respond to annoying comments. But then, he'd be doing nothing else in his life. Sometimes it takes members of a community to intercede and either calm things, or possibly even aggravate things. Rest assured that the latter is not, and was not, my intent.
    As an aside, I wonder why some people are so consumed with "authority" – who has it and who doesn't. But, I digress.
    Sir, I uttered those words with all the authority of a free man with all the rights that entails.
    Now, whether Shiv censors my comments or not, is entirely his prerogative – since it's his blog.
    Guess some men are more free than others. Heh! 🙂

  10. 10


    Guys, get on with life! Forget bashing up each other in a forum where people come to learn.


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