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    Any update on Prasun?and his whereabouts

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    An LR SAM is an area defense and not a point defense weapon.

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    u got the wrong pic mate.
    LR-SAM is a dual pulsed rocket motor which was developed by DRDO exclusively.

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    Shiv Aroor

    this is the pic of the Barak-2/NG released by IAI.

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    They lifted the pencil shape of the Astra/Akash! 🙂

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    Hi Shiv

    As you are dealing with this Barak issue in your reports therefore pls try to clear out some confusion that is existing about Barak-2.

    As per official reports, it seems that Navy Barak-2 is called LRSAM with a range of max 60km and JV costs of US$ 300-600 million

    Further the Army/IAF Barak-2 is called MRSAM and has a range of 70km with a budget of US$ 2 Billion for 9 squadrons i.e. 18 Batteries (9×2)which has (9x2x3) 54 launchers and around 432 missiles.

    Now per the "fanboys/rumours" the IAF missile is actually the enchanced version of Barak-2 with a booster with a range of 120-150m and another even longer range missile with a range of 350km is in works. Otherwise there was no reason for a seperate funding and time tables of Navy and IAF missiles.

    Pls try to clarify this position in future reports

    Thanx as usual for a interesting and informative report.


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