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    Army Chief says 80% tanks are night blind, seems to me there are big problems in tank fleet?

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    shiv there are media reports of 80% of IA tanks being night blind . Is this the case .. i am really concerned

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    Don't worry. 100% of the Pakistani tanks are night blind. And most Pakistanis are day blind as well, so no problems… And since 70% of Indians are day blind as well, we're doing better than them. So be content. 🙂

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    Is this a tank that has undergone the years old idea of T-72 upgrade ! If so cant see any electro-optical upgrade. Whats the use of slapping on few smoke grenades.I just cant understand the direction of the Indian defence research industry. They want to "make world class everything", but cant master production of basic weapon systems like – rifles, tank upgrades, turboprop trainers, 155mm howitzers, infantry upgrade, APC, smart bombs or for the matter fact sticking to set time lines.

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    Mayuresh Gaikwad

    Let this tin box compete against the Arjun! I read somewhere that the Arjun survived a point-blank hit from a T-72. How I wish they had tried the reverse too. Now that we shall have comparative trials between Arjun and T-90 in May2010, I hope they try point-blank hits to the Arjun from the T-90 and vice versa

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    Dont think that even T90's that India has are fully equipped with ERA (most pics have some era tiles in front but in real battle scenario an enemy missle wont be targetted just at front..).

    Guess the babu mentality is that it would be cheaper to give out medals to war dead then to get era for tank and crew. There are better battle tank protection suite then just ERA..the active tank protection system such as Trophy devleloped by IAI can kill a missle or rpg in midair before it reaches an MBT. Besides night blindless we should be gettin such equipment and investing in such innovative technologies rather then reinventing the wheel as has been the norm..

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    Parminder Grewal

    Hey Shiv, just saw the video of you taking the arjun for a spin. Seems like a good tank from what you've told though I hate the fact that India cannot build the engine herself with all her famed IIT's and IISc's. I wonder if this has to do with the fact that India's public sector cant manage her projects well(if so how about getting some IIM profs as project leads for DRDO's projects and labs) or is that we lack some crucial knowhow and the capability to develop that knowhow(if so we cant depend on other people's mercy to provide us with it, we need to develop it no matter how long it takes, growth of knowledge should take the organic path I believe, not the much touted TOT which just is superficial, fire wat u want at me , I stand by this) I have recently become very interested in India's defence and the awkward situation India is in. What I feel is that even if India has the best in defence and offensive weapons, she must build friendly relations with her neighbours. For a simple reason, thats the ultimate objective. A situation in which India can concentrate on the good of her people. Dont get me wrong, I do not suggest that we bend knee to other nations, no Sir. But we must concentrate on the goal not the means. Offensive and defensive capabilities are a requirement for a peaceful strong India, they are not the objective , they are the means. Relations with Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma and Nepal must be improved or India will end up getting check mated by the behemoth in the north. India has taken significant steps recently with Bangladesh and Burma. I feel more should be done on this front. Further, just like China is transferring offensive capabilities to Pakistan, India should quietly develop a similar relationship with Vietnam, Japan and Taiwan. After reading about the problems about Brahmos, I really doubt the Russians and how sincere they are, but we must leverage them the most and make them realise that more tech they transfer to China, more arms markets will be filled with cheap copies of their stuff and more weak they will be vis a vis China. If I am making any irrelevant or incorrect points , do correct me as my understanding in these matters as it stands is superficial.


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