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    awesome work by Indian companies

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    Thats the difference between the private and public companies. Pvt companies come up with a product and those psu come up with a prototype for 3rd time.

  3. 3


    Has anybody looked at the export potential of these fine vehicles?

  4. 4


    Looks like even the land vehicles have stealth geometries built into them. 😉

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    Look at the Mahindra MPV! Double rear wheels!

    All three are beauties in their own right!

    India should not import any MPV henceforth, PSU's should not be troubled with building MPVs, Jeeps , ATVs for the armed forces.

    Way to go.

  6. 6


    DRDO and OFB must learn.

    One hardly sees any,even cosmetic changes in the products displayed by the DRDO or the OFB.

    There appears to be no effort at product improvement or upgrades or markups.

    The private sector makes every effort to bring in some new product or upgrade every now an then.

    It comes natural to them,given the constant competition they face in their other products in the civilian market.

    The GOI must seriously synergise the efforts of of the government bodies with the private sector.

    We cannot afford to waste either time or national resources.

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    Are the forces getting all the 3 MPV's or will only one of them be bought?

    Does anybody know?

  8. 8


    Wow, I was taken aback by all your comments on public vs. private sector.

    Get this straight folks: None of these vehicles were designed or "made" in India!!! They are/will be assembled in India. Its simple, they are being re-branded and sold under Indian brand names (so that some folks like yourself can proudly claim "home grown"). These vehicles are actually made in UK or South Africa or Israel. They have decades of experience with these types of vehicles.

    Do you want public sector to assemble (rather than design) as well and claim to be "indigenous"? Well, they have been doing that for decades (e.g. MiG, Jaguar, T-72s …. assemblies)

    India does not (yet) have capabilities or experience to design sophisticated (1st world quality) MPVs.

  9. 9


    Hey Anonymous….they are rebranded….we never said we designed T-72 or Mig…How different can a mine protected vehicle be…It follows same Principle and aim….they are designed in partnership with foreign companies…Now cause a company is US or Israeli or British doesn't mean its designed by people from the same country…u should know people from different countries and from India work here…so don't think you're products are are totally indigenous either…IBM,Microsoft,Google,…etc..have R&D centres in if its made in Usa you didn't make it by yourself…so people don't be naive….the public sector private and MNC's all have places and they're roles to play…Dont forget an Indian was on design team of the a B series bomber… ]

  10. 10


    the quality is as good as first world MPV's…Just technology systems or platforms like satcom or anything else on-board them might not be sophisticated…they're add-on's Doesn't mean it will blow to bits or there be a huge crack in the middle if a mine explodes under an Indian Mpv…the anti-mine Armour plates used are good quality and tested…in presence of defence officials too…misplaced views man…don't be naive people…


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