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    So MIG29B are almost flying smokey junks with several crashes over the years!!!! MIG29K aka MIG-35!!!

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    to the highly informed public the mig-29b operated by the iaf is 22 years old. so this comparison is better suited to be seen while armed with all the facts , the mig-29 in all variants has acquitted itself as a remarkable fighter with prodigious capability.

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    The big difference is
    Mig29B is almost manufactured in between in 1975 – 1990 .
    Mig29K is 2010 .

    how could one need to compare 3 rd gen jet with 4 th gen fighter .

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    Hi shiv …

    wheres the analysis of;

    – AJT competition for IAF
    – Light tank competition for army and the various Chopper competitions

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    MiG29 B is being upgraded. so comparison needs to be done after he program is over.

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    It would make sense to compare the IAF Mig-29B's to the IN's Mig-29K's after the entire fleet of the former undergo upgradation else its a futile exercise.

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    Where can i find those photos in the background of the specs?

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    Mig29B->K…whole new bird..
    Appearances can be deceptive..
    Didnt know Mig-29 of IAF dont have PGM capability..hmm..so just a air-defence/interdiction fighter..

    Awesome..shiv..thanks a lots..for posting those wonderful info..

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    iaf is now upgrading its fleet of mig 29…deal is already signed …..so it might be possible that they are good enough just like navy mig 29:)

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    The IAF upgrade will bring most of these capabilities onto the IAF MiG-29s as well, bar probably the Helmet Mounted Topsight Display, wherein the IAF might just go in for a simpler Sura-K HMS.
    The IAF 29 Upgrades radar will be better, it will have a more capable jammer (Indian made) plus a similar or even superior variant of the RWR (the jammer proposed has a RWR function). The key differences will be that the Aircraft may not see a substantial increase in onboard fuel, and its FCS may remain the original as compared to the 29K's FBW system.

    Anyways, the Navy is off about their 29Ks especially comparing them to the MKIs (see ManuPubbys article on the induction). The latters Bars radar is any day far superior to the Zhuk ME on the 29K, especially in range.

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    JB Singh

    Uncalled for comparison. We are after all on the same side – so why this game of 'mine is bigger than yours' ? When will we grow up ?

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    Astonished to note that IAF migs not having FWB some other given facts also contrast to the facts of IAF Mig-29 given on Bharatrakshak site {like the Engine which HAl produced 800 new engines for IAF Mig29 thought at par with the new neval mig engines (RD33)}. IAF purchased Mirage 2000 which were FBW MMRCA and edge was then given to purchase Mig-29 which thought was superior then mirage, But by this given comparison IAF mig29 was far poor then F16 or Mirage 2000. Ithink some facts are either wrong stated or over stated.Anyway interesting comparison shows how hard are the requirements to upgrade.

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    the difference between iaf and in migs is the range i.e 2000 km for mig 29 iaf and 850 nm for in……….. iaf mig-29 are 20+yrs old and this is not even 2 yrs…….compared to mig-29SMT variant 29k variant is just a kid……….. and about F16 it has only one thing radar and BVR noways near to migs………mirage is a multirole fighter bomber it cant win air to air race wid either mig-29 or f-16. and forget about SU-30MKI……even the latest rafale and eurofighter are no way near to it except for there radar


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