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    Great! We should increase the capability to build two carriers at the same money. We should invest more on Indian shipyards.

    Gorshkov was a disaster. It was not meant to serve as dedicated aircraft carrier.

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    I am computer engineer by profession. I have so many cousins in my family who wants to join some aviation or naval design or any weapon design stream. All are very much motivated for serving nation by means of Engineering. Can you please post some articles how to build a carrier in defense engineering ?

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    shailendra, I hope you make a career in defense engineering before making a carrier.. :))

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    "2.5 UK Govt. in spite of contemplating to replace their old small carriers since a decade by medium sized two in number 60,000-65,000 tonne aircraft carriers under CVF programme, have finally decided to go ahead with only one Queen Elizabeth to be in service in 2016. The second proposed carrier is expected to be converted to an amphibious commando ship with helicopters on board in lieu of JSF aircraft"

    This hasnt be decided upon yet, the conservatives wont allow this- typicaly indian reporting.

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    I am not an expert but just want to share my point of view –
    With this design I think you can't land and take off jets at the same time. In a real war scenario I think it will be required to do both landing and take off at the same time.
    I like the US carriers which has a 13 degree angular runways which you can do both landing and takeoff at the same time….

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    @ sharendra, if u have a B.Tech(Mech. or Electronics/CS/IT) degree u could apply almost 10 times a year in Armed Forces. Biggest hurdle to cross is SSB.

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    Then develop capabilities to serial produce a thousand aircraft carriers like paper ships for export. While china builds a thousand merchant ships lets build a few thousand more aircraft carriers.

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    Superb article shiv .i went searching the web about the mig 29k i found that the weapons payload is 5500kg which is very low for a multirole carrier aircraft and also read that the k cant take off with max payload is it true?


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