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    So HAL gets the finger because BAE rejected the claim? Shiv Aroor I thought it is the court that going to decide who gets the finger.

  2. 2

    Tarun Mitra

    Its high time that India should take up a strict posture in this issue. It should terminate Bae's license to operate in the country otherwise the country would head the same fate as it is with the Saudi Arabia, where a billion dollar corruption case was settled

  3. 3


    i guess its time we showed the finger to BAE for giving us substandard job- the french ( scorpene and Mirage 2000 ) and the brits ( BAE hawk ) are taking our security needs and contracts apart … they know that by paying bribes they have bought the right to blackmail us at every opportunity… The politicians have put us into this mess and thats the fact….

  4. 4


    It is time to prioritise the development of the IJT-Sitara. If HAL Bangalore is too busy with TEJAS and Dhruv etc, then the responsibility of development of the Trainer Aircraft, SITARA must be assigned to HAL kanpur. HAL must produce a few IJTs and start flight testing.
    The design team associated with the development of the IJT must also be transferred to HAL Kanpur. The engine for the aircraft must also be developed indigenously.
    HAL must take notice that the revised DPP will enable private sector to enter the defense manufacturing. It is very important for HAL to increase annual production of aircrafts.


  5. 5


    Unfortunately all aerospace manufacturing is confined to southern parts of the country probably citing security reasons (though every Indian city is within reach of Pak and Chinese missiles).

    It is high time there should be de-centralization of aerospace production and manufacture of sub assemblies across the length and breadth of the country.

  6. 6


    It is high time we go for HJT 36 Sitara.

  7. 7


    Goes to show how important it is to have a very very competent legal team working on these contracts within the MoD. companies like BAe are very professional and put in all kinds of clauses in the contract that reduce their liability in case they cock up on these contracts. I hope the MoD takes notice of this issue and ensures that the MRCA contract doesn't face a repeat of this. India should ensure its interests are safe-guarded in these multi-billion dollar deals.

  8. 8


    LOL loved the title…..

  9. 9

    joydeep ghosh

    In the new RFI for AJTs why the BAe is a participant.

  10. 10


    West's understanding of being right is about being in compliance with clauses and terms of agreement. That you did not have imagination to see a loophole is customer's mistake.

    Intention based morality and Tacit mutual understandings during talks have no place as against ALL ENCOMPASSING CLAUSES that leave no loophole in the written agreement.

  11. 11


    Goras are descendants of asuras. So, don't expect morality here.

    India should focus on domestic R&D and stop running behind silly imports from Israel, Russia or whatever.

  12. 12


    We never learn, now IAF will buy either Eurofighter or american F-series aircraft and then regret decision again. Wake up and smell the coffee, India.


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