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    Gr8 video..thanks Shiv ….However looks like the video is incomplete , can you post the full version ?

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    at around the 1 min mark the pathetic bren gun is being used…wtf…cant get more obsolete than tha…

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    That is not a Bren.
    Its the 'converted'7.62mm 1B LMG.
    Yes, its an old design weapon and there are plenty of more 'jazzy looking' weapons out there.
    Still its not pathetic,its a robust and reliable design.
    A skilled operator can give it a decent and controlled rate of fire.

    Its still relevant on sentry and limited perimeter defence.

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    Last anyony…

    It is a 'converted' bren. Period.

    Have you ever fired a machine gun with limited ammo? (i.e. not belt fed?)…apparently not.

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    Anon, 6:43.

    We are talking about the Light MG 1-B.
    I am not a soldier but and i have fired one.

    It takes seconds to flip the TOP load mag,slip another,cock and again fire.Its barrels can also be changed quickly.

    Off course a belt fed MG has more rounds.But once in a while you also have to flip the top cover,align a belt,close the cover,cock and fire.

    Takes a bit longer than changing a Mag.
    In any case the point is that the gun is neither pathetic nor useless.

    As i have said Its very good for sentry and perimeter defence in a naval ship, say against small sized intruders,boats etc.
    In real life one does not spray a whole lot of bullets in long long bursts .

    Engagements are a bit more disciplined and controlled.
    Its not as if the 1B LMG is the prime air defence weapon of a naval ship.
    BUT as shown in the Naval Air Defence exercise being shown EVERY available weapon from the higher to the lowest calibre is used in unison against a close in aerial threat.

    BTW there are other such LMGs.

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    last anon…

    gr8..u take the bren..ill take the FN-MAG…good luck with that..

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