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    I saw a news recently abt BAE planing to sell more planes. Whats going on here. Does the gov want another screwup.

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    Dear Shiv,
    Thanks for taking that distasteful article about the naval officer's indiscretion from your blog.

    That guy must be in deep trouble already. No sense in making this a media spectacle.


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    Business as usual sometimes i find this puzzling whether to laugh at our constant delays in each and every defence deals or be horrified by incompetents who are playing with national security..

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    Avro 748,Westland helicopters and now these hawks.British are a colonial mindset nation.When are we going to junk this nation because they have hold on our political,media, bureaucratic leadership with bribes and what not

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    Sudip Das (

    Makes one feel proud .

    A few observations :

    – With Elta MMR from IAI Israel , will DRDO abort its effort to develop an indigineous MMR

    -Russia also offered Radar TECHNOLOGY , if accepted there would have been commonality with either MIG series or with SU30MKI RADARS

    – DRDO should try to explore other application of LCA Tejas . Recently not happy with BAE Hawk AJT , IAF had sent enquiry for AJT TO different manufacturers. All the AJT'S have a specification similar (more than 90%)to Tejas . Why not a future Indian AJT on the Tejas platform .

    – Gripen participating in MMRCA tender has a specification similar(more than 98%)to Tejas . Instead of procuring Gripen at a higher price per unit , will it not be prudent to wait a bit and induct Tejas at a much lower per unit cost. Why kill a desi product prematurely


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