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    the terminator

    If he screws as many natashas as he can in his own free time and without compromising his responsiblities, then I don't have anything to gripe about. But if he is found to have given away sensitive price negotiation clues to the Russians, then he needs to be court-martialled and nailed for good. As a Navy officer privy to what the price negotiation committee has discussed and decided (or going to decide) he was in a position to trade for privileges and perks from the Russians. What are a few natashas or a few thousand dollars spent to entertain him compared to the huge price hike by the Russians.

    One thing for sure, our intelligence apparatus sucks big time. They should be sent to Israel to learn from Mossad.

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    Shiv paaji, still waiting on your Arjun report. Please tell us further Arjun orders have been approved atleast in principle.

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    Shiv, U have promised us to bring inside info regarding the tanker deal cancellation. Plz post it as soon as possible.

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    Sudip Das (

    Nice to see the coast guard conducting a sea exercise.
    Indian Navy recently formed the Sagar Prahari force to guard the Indian coastline . This should have been a part of the Indian Coast Guard . Isn't the Indian Navy tresspassing into the areas of responsibility of the coast guard.

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    what hovercraft are these?..does the navy also use them?..


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