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    Exercise with the US is good as it is with any other nation but hope the spineless govt doesn't bend to US whims of allowing them to refuel or dock at Indian facilities

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    I am so not voting for the congress if they bend to the Americans.

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    Hate the Americans all you want, but are you really so ignorant as to deny their status as the only existing superpower in the world? And that you'd rather befriend one than not. And like all other friendships, it's give and take, no country is a charitable fund.

    US is a military, diplomatic and economic superpower and is to remain so for the rest of our lifetime. Go read what the Arthashastra says about dealing with a power much greater than you. Stop being immature.

    And it's the BJP that laid the foundations for a strategic relationship with the US and Congress opposed them.

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    Having seen America first hand. I feel India should take what is best from the world, while stiving to build its own self image and respect. Respect is earned not given or taken. Act Respectfully and give respect to the virtuous. On that note, Americans are not as virtuous as they claim to be. Be defiant and merciless to people who use coercion to further their goals. Remember India today is like Japan of 1700-1800's. Modernizing itself from technology from outside. But the goal eventually should be to start engaging in fundamental research and applied engineering, and leading others and not merely being followers of others ideology.

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    @Parth just refusing our sovereign country does become a surrogate of US isn't ignorance period.
    As to the arms deal we pay for that unlike Porkistan who begs so we should not be treated as US satellite.
    Jai Hind

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    '@Parth just refusing our sovereign country does become a surrogate of US isn't ignorance period.'

    Sometimes, one has to undermine one's own principles, opinions etc. to please another.

    This does not mean we become a surrogate of the US. We play our cards as best as possible and so do they, they just have better cards. But if you don't play at all, you'll never win.

    India depends on the US for so many things that we ARE a surrogate nation. You can't change that by talking tough, only through self sufficiency.

    It is a long term process(2-3 decades). Acquire better cards as the game passes and THEN think about playing hard ball.

    You can't neglect economy for 60 years and then suddenly decide to stand shoulder to shoulder with a modern hegemonic Hyper-power.

    You probably know that Germany was technically a slave nation after WW-2. They made the most of what they had. Today, they are a major economic, diplomatic and even military player. I read from good sources that Germany and Japan are capable of making nukes within months if needed.

    And using the word 'period' after every sentence does not make it factual. You, like me or anyone else CAN be wrong.

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    @parth the country gives US hard cash for the hardware it supplies we do not beg its good to have close ties with US,but they should not be allowed to dock and use our facilities a good dose of suspicion from us is a sign of precaution because of USA unpredictable foreign policy.

    You can't compare germany and india both have different histories


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