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    cant wait to see its weaponized look. Also wondering where the Radar/sensors are going be installed…

    Having faith on HAL ability i would also recommend a healthy partnership with private firms like Tatas, L&T etc.

    I am working for a private firm and i believe they are much more aggressive in meeting the deadlines and project management is by far better.

    I could be wrong too.

  2. 2


    Looks good.

    Now just finish the project on time and integrate it with modern weapons, EW and sensors. And a solid weapons and fuel payload. Produce 100s of them for the army in batches each better than the previous.

    Attack helicopters are the king of today's battlefield. They can count for as much as 50% of all targets destroyed in a modern battlefield.

  3. 3



    Why so many rivets are on the body? can they not make carbon composite panels and glue them together for making the heli lighter? is it more expensive?


  4. 4


    Second picture. Lemons under the wheels! 🙂

  5. 5


    @Victor: to quote a Boeing engineer, "the more we understand composite, the better our appreciation of aluminum gets"

    Anonymous@8:36am:Yes, nimbu makes great chocks.

  6. 6


    Instead of Cheetah?? face, if it had a shark showing its teeth would have been an apt one. To me the super structure and the beak definitely looks like a killer shark.

    The middle section is bit bulky (right behind the second pilot) wonder what will be there inside.

  7. 7

    Abhishek Pillai

    I dunno why, but the second pic looks more like the Augusta's A-129Attack helicopter. Please don't get me wrong, I didn't mean the Indian Designer's copied the Augusta's design(like Chinese). But the pic looks more or less like A-129

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    Needs refinement…Specially the cockpit..

  9. 9


    Another BAD looking Helo..most of the Indian designs are aesthetically poor.We know nothing of industrial art.It looks like a private passenger Helo or a rotor fixed auto rickshaw(fun indeed).We must acknowledge that in order to be successful good looks are very important as UGLINESS CAN NOT BE SOLD. In Wikipedia, it has been compared with Apache-well,I don't know how someone did it-must be an input of a nationalistic brother.By looks or by power LCH cannot match Apache, even a blind can say it.

  10. 10


    As far as looks are concerned, LCH is the sleekest attack helicopter in the market.Second best will be the Cobra.

    The Dhruv, has been designed by the Germans. So ppl who criticize looks of our helicopters must blame the Germans actually who are known thru out the world for their superb designs and engineering.

  11. 11

    Jayanta Sarkar

    Well beauty can't be measured,I can't fathom how LCH is being stated as superior than Cobra-of course it is an individual choice,the reality will come from the users-the Army and Air Force-how efficient the machine is..and how much pieces we can export to foreign countries.BTW,the Cobra is being used by the Marines of USA and Army,Air Forces of many countries…


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