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    Bravo HAL !!! Is the rocket pod system indegenous??

  2. 2



    Good pictures…thanks.

    But somehow you missed some vital parts which should be captured.

    1. Second cockpit.
    2. Main rotor.
    3. Rear rotor.
    4. Front and rear landing gear.
    5. Main gun.
    6. HMD.
    7. A good front view of the copter.

  3. 3



    Nice Pics indeed… Love to see a spl program on HT about HAL's new machine…

    Feel media need to showcase our achievements too like other topics….

  4. 4


    Main rotor and tail rotor are all similar to ALH, Landing gear is special i mean they are probably the most crash worthy in its class, Main gun is a turret gun from Nexter france, HMD is classified and the front view u can get from anywhete on the internet

  5. 5

    Indian Love

    Sir, one request i would like to put before you:
    Please Donate some of LCH pics to wikicommon so that admins there can use that pics under LCH Wikipedia contents, Beacuse it will be very helpful for them to reflect/demonstrate the true potentials of this combat heli as a "True Indian "

    Note: Sir I am not the moderator of lch wiki, but whenever i surf wiki for lch, i got embbarrassed every time as no gud pics are available there may be due to copyright issues, and as a indian it hurts me a lot, but i can`t do anything except to put a request before you.

    By the way, Great Work….

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    With a flight test crew with names like Sashi Nair and Unni the flight experience must be Zimbly Fabulous!


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