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    A remarkable first in that you have an Army guy talking respectfully about local capabilities while making the case for limited import and TOT. Looks like the effect of the Pinaka and Brahmos paid off to some extent.

    And amazing that he as an Armyman, tells his colleagues this, so openly.

    "It is prudent to mention that, at times, some of the us, harbour a belief that indigenous designs and manufactured products can not be compared with the best in the world. Such a belief, more often that not, is misplaced. "

    and also while making the case for limited import he backs it up with:

    "Over indulgence in only import is fraught with numerous financial and self sufficiency related implications. Options of import and indigenous production must be weighed realistically. We ought to take pride in the fact that we have splendid manufacturing facilities backed with world class designers and scientists."

    This is a first.

    Hopefully, more senior officers like him will speak up and overshadow the import at all costs lobby, which has historically ruled the defence forces.

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    Simple, timely and relevant. Artillery is the king of the battlefield. As early as 1998 foreign military observers had begun to revise their opinion of our Corps of Arty noting that its supply chain is unrivalled in robustness and flexibility. And Op Vijay proved the Arty's mastery of the battlefield. While it took the enemy over a year of planning to set up its firing positions, the Indian Arty in a manner of days outflanked and blasted out to smithereens. With the IAF finishing off the supply routes and depots, the war was over before it could ever peak.

    Now for the trolls expert opinion on Gen.Rao's language, his eye language, etc.


  3. 3


    To Netas/Babus and any others in the acquisition process, Get our Guns!!!

    Lest yu have our guys fighting with sling shots and stones.

  4. 4


    Given that babus and politicans will not let IA buy artillery in the near future, IA needs to think out of box here.

    It needs to invest in smart shells for existing guns, thereby making any fire more accurate. A shell reaching a target accurately even if fired from a 100 year old gun is worth more than a PzH2000 been trail tested for the 1 millionth time!

    It needs to invest heavily on detection tech in terms of UAV, mini UAV, SAR etc. It should be be able to pinpoint any counter-artillery from PA and should be datalinked to response teams for fast response.

    IA needs to improve Pinaka round to make it more accurate, able to handle multiple type of warheads like Smerch, able to deliver PGM. Rockets are the faster means of response. Pinaka with a 40Km range is more than enough to cover tactical fights with PA.

    A UAV detecting a long range Chinese MBRL of PA, watched over in a command center informs a Pinaka regiment for a single accurate rocket attack removes a major threat for mobilised IA forces

  5. 5


    get the damn artillery modernisation program forward seems no one in this country is worried..
    at the slightest problems netaji and babuji will pack up and flee the country.

  6. 6


    screw the speech..teh fact remains we have pathetic artillery..i think we will get new guns once guns become obsolete and are replaced by electromagnetic weapons…gr8

  7. 7


    OH! please give something to the poor bloody infantry


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