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    I am hoping that it will have a lightweight composite armor. The heavier tanks burns too much fuel.

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    Wishlist is all good. But it must be achievable within a specific time frame. The Army must be fully be a part of the development. Also It must not be from brochures. The capabilities must be what the army wants. Also there must be verification of the project at various stages.

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    I think the army has watched a little too much of star wars by the time or should i say if our scientist ever come out with a prototype with all the specs i think earth will be a colony for a alien race and most of the human population will be extinct

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    Its achievable but a more pragmatic approach be taken… the army must look at what is possible now…. 1 yr, 2 yrs… 4yrs down the line plus also invest/encourage home grown research and analysis… bring DRDO and others under the defence umbrella.. aka.. led by a general. Have tank commanders posted in DRDO and have engineers spend some time with the men operating the tanks…

    Its not going to be easy.. but jahan chah hain… wahan raah hai..

    my 2 paise..


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