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    has the flight test reports has been submitted by iaf to mod

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    Indian Love....

    oohh!! something fishy may be going on…after all it is mother of all deals…

    I think F-18 is gonna win, uncle sam knows- "How to play smart and safe"…

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    ahh finally….I am at peace now

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    shivaroorji , Please give us the round up of all the rumors on fifth generation MCA. was that the final model around which the aircraft will be developed, which you represented on your blog .what about kaveri engine test on lca pv-1? The mca
    design was same as that was represented on Aero-India 2009.
    has drdo been enabled to develop
    single crystal turbine blade technology (world class) for kaveri engine? when the mca will be flown?

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    Perfect piece of gossip that all fanboys were so so so eagerly awaiting for. But i never thought i would read it on your blog since it might be some sort breach. Because u are very often seen with air force guys and arm company representative.

    But don't keep us awaiting. This should be directly be from the horse's mouth. The way things are going now and the recent bonhomie between India And US. It looks like the bomb truck SH is clearly very much in lead.It seems Indian would buy around 40-50 Rafale and the MMRCA would go to SH. Griphen was quite good. In war scenario a fighter plane which can be readied in 10 minutes for the next sortie is no mean feat and it even has AESA radar.
    1.What is the main requirement of MRCA a bomber or interceptor.
    2.Which fighter impressed our pilots the most.
    3.And how credible is Chinese threat i am not talking overall Chinese threat scenario but of imminent chances of Chinese doing something in Aurnachal Pradesh. And even MOD babus are also worried about.

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    Can't wait for this. Bring it on!

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    Please post an analitical report,ur views on that.cant wait for sunday delight.wohoo

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    Any updates on f-insas?prototype should be ready by now.any xpert comments?one more thing-as today almost all military guidance systems need sat. Navigation,is isro planning an cappable sattelite?future battles will be like that.

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    Kicking out Gripen, Mig35 and Rafale would be too difficult a scientific exercise, unless they have failed at Leh.

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    Jayanta Sarkar

    Select FA-18 SuperHornet and look no further.It perfectly matches the future IAF operational doctrine of a twin engined long range multi-mission jet.This is a heavy combat jet,AESA,compatible with US Data Link.More over it will strengthen Indo-US relationship,which we need most.I would say buy the whole production line of SuperHornet.


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