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    Shiv, requesting present status of the program.


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    Shiv Aroor

    the update is linked in the post. open those eyes, brother 🙂

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    Please label the images. What are those boxes?

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    It is disheartening to see that despite the IAF's insistence of 360 degree capablity the AEWC system looks like it'll still have blind spots forward and back. It would not have been a difficult problem to solve if they had roped in Elta(who are developing the new Eitam AEWC with 360 degree belly-mounted antennas) or Raytheon(who developed the Wedgetail AWACS that has a similar design as this but with additional antennas in the 'balance-beam' for forward and backward scanning. As it is they're already seeking EADS's assistance in developing the software, so why not?

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    if u have something called impartial media…..mention green terror or moon n star terror…..shiv really u media persons are ,,,,,god knows…..publish my coment if u cn…….i m not a saffron linked person ok,,,,i m an indian

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    IAF has no such insistence. The ELTA approach is to put extra S band radars fwd and aft, which are limited in range, add to the power requirements, affect aerodynamics and are not optimal. The LRDE and CABS are looking at a separate antenna with 360 deg capability for larger follow on aircraft, which will have this requirement.

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    hey shiv what is the difference btw joint work and joint venture…..this has been stated in PAK-FA contract…i am confused… and wen does india getting its fgfa…

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    @Annon 6:47

    I am a Saffron person. My life is for saffron and my love for India is far bigger than your pseudo-secularist agenda of Italian mafioso Party…

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    Saffron is for Sacrifice.

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    @ Anon,
    The prefect example for JV is Brahmos, tech/Amount from both the side in partnership bases .

    In FGFA india is just only a money partner , some of the very less level of tech from india is fixed for FGFA – indian version , as per PAK-FA (Russian ver )no indian tech contribution , due to PAK FA is already finalized earlier .

    In both the project india has gained as per tech nohow .

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    Phalcon has AESA at its front and back alongwith the sides to bring 360 degree scanning but is limited in angular resolution at fore and aft.
    India at present is going for 2 rather than 3 array bed so that delivery can be maintained.
    AESA and PESA(IFF) to me manufactured in India. We all know how that goes and what the red heerings are, right?
    Wikipedia says Wedgetail is running into problems as of May 2010.

    Brother – The theory on Indian AEW&C is Here —
    This was Fronter India – July 8 , 2008

    DRDO’s Active Array Antenna Unit (AAAU) or the Primary radar is designed to have a range of 200 kms for 2 sqm target as per the OR by the IAF. In international comparison table it translates to 5 sq meters target or RCS can be detected at a range of 300 kms in normal mode of operations and 375 kms for extended modes, i.e. while not looking 240 degree all the time. The secondary radar is designed to be of same range but for functions like identification Friend or Foe etc. The radars can function both in air mode and surface mode.
    The primary AESA antenna will be built in CABS. The central processing unit and radar processing units are made by the LRDE. Secondary radar is entirely built in CABS and has a PESA Antenna. The secondary radar will be tested in 3 months by CABS.
    The AEW&C is expected to have a 60 degree blind spot in both front and back. IAF can have 360 degree coverage with 3 antenna combination instead of 2 antennas side by side, but, that means pushing the deliveries further. It will be looked at a further date.
    The first prototype is expected to be ready by 2012, i.e, one year from the date of receipt of the first aircraft. After that it will undergo a flight testing of 200-300 hours to become fully operational.

    Now the theory is DRDO wants EADS to help them –

    Gautam Dude – Please dont feel too bashed up with all the overwhelming information. Sorry, there are many other patriots in the land.

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    Thanks, Anon(why don't you use your real name?). I hope the 240-degree configuration is only for the prototype and production versions will have full 360-degree capability.

    The Israeli successor to the Phalcon('Eitam') will have nose and tail-mounted antennas. I believe LRDE/CABS should look into that.

    Another suggestion I have is to closely integrate the Indian private sector in new projects like this to build up their technological competence. Mahindra has a joint venture with BAE Systems and Tata with Boeing, these could be leveraged to develop sytems for the AWACS. But I'm just rambling here; only after the socialist congress with PSU-loving Kerelan Pallam Raju is voted out of power can that happen…


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