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F/A-18 India
Boeing India Partnership

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    looks like Yuk!

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    I think INDIA should remove Eurofigter from MMRCA and join them as 5th partner for this project. And then let other participants be there.

    I believe that INDIA will gain many things from Eurofighter.

    We need to have taste of all technologies in the world. Specially the ones from Russia and Europe.
    We do not have enough time to discover and produce. Better we learn many things from others, have something added to it and move ahead.
    This is what Israels did all the time.
    And as I know we INDIANS are best in world to learn and improve. And I wish people in GOI should have a better view of each and everything

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    Hazzard a guess (a=one)…….which aircraft is gonna win the MMRCA ??? even for fun sake………..come on….

    grapevine has it —– the "new" F/A-18SH International !!!!

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    Looks don't matter, look at the utility it has. Those tumours on the helmet are Light Emitting Diodes(LEDs)

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    Your comment is quite interesting and your vocation appears to be an IT Developer. Can you provide an example of military technology we have LEARNT and IMPROVED? If we dug deep into all that DRDO claims we would discover rotting carcasses of unbearable secrets we would rather bury. The BABUR missile is an example of the lameness in our much vaunted and prized missile program. The BRAHMOS program is mostly Russian.
    SHOURYA, NAG, TRISHUL, PAD have yet to be inducted and will in all probabilities be operationalised
    when that KEY vendor agrees to supply the missing link.
    AKASH is not AESA and could be susceptible to radar jamming.
    The ARJUN tank got developed with a LEOPARD engine. Why?
    The Tejas got designed with a GE engine, Why not RD33 which Russia could supply easily and has thrust vectoring?
    Where is the learning and improving in all these projects?
    The ARIHANT was projected to be commissioned in one year, then 2 years, now they say its delay is due to the AKULA NERPA being delayed.
    Our missiles get ready for prototype tests in decades rather than years.
    The LCH, Tejas(Navy) are all learning platforms with constraints affecting production.
    We have come a long way, but lets not look into the SUN and get dazzled by our vanities.
    We are nowhere – We will reach our destination with humility and gratitude, alongwith our brothers who got us there.

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    @anon on 7.37am fuck off hell wid ur crap missile tech(borrowed frm n.korea).we have way more advanced tech than u.although ur right abt the missile induction issue(somebody please kick da army headhonchos).please continue ya thing what u do best(blaming india for everything!).we will surely improve ourselves.B-)

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    The thing is DRDO and the Defence PSUs are fundamentally flawed. HAL has been manufacturing various aircraft including engines for decades but has yet to master the basics of designing and building its own planes(Dhruv ALH is the sole exception).

    BEL has been manufacturing radars and communication systems for a long time but has poor inhouse R & D and all its original products(that aren't licence-built) have major problems and the armed forces are unhappy with them.

    We will only have a capable defence industry when we fully open it up to the private sector and treat them on par with the DRDO and PSUs. I guarantee you that just like in the Telecom and Airline sectors they will outstrip the inefficient union-driven government in a matter of years. That's why AK Antony is refusing to do so.

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    @goutam gud comment buddy!u r quite right abt d matter.if investment would b less,how can dalals(ak antony&all corrupt)will get more commission!!d tatas,m&m can do wonders if der given chance!my biggest concern is wid the insas rifles.If a jawans main weapon is poor(or should I say worst) thn how can u think of stopping d terrorists(pak army)?whats d point of a assault rifle if it cant kill or even wound enough frm a decent distance?i want experts comment on this frm orissa n I have seen them struggling against naxals.


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