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    ST should follow american ways, needed some pressure from the govt of Singapore,
    is their is a will their will be way .

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    People keep demonising the arms industry and moaning about how foreigners want to profiteer by selling weapons to India, but no one considers how things may seem from their side. Personally I feel sorry for all the wastage of time, money and effort these people suffer as a result of the craptacular defence bureacracy in India; it reflects rather poorly on our country.

    The armed forces may express interest and even approach the vendors with good intentions, but the bureaucrats wield all the real power and mire everything in a sea of inefficiency, red tape and bribery.

    -Firms are warned against kickbacks by the same babus and netas who secretly demand bribes at every stage.

    -Deals can be postponed indefinitely or cancelled at any stage at the whims of any party, neta, babu or even DRDO head.

    -Firms get blacklisted on the flimsiest evidence without a proper trial or investigation even as politicians with hundreds of pending criminal cases sit in parliament and vote to blacklist them. Defence firms have to take a leap of faith and invest time and money into something that may go up in flames at any moment for any reason.

    -To add insult to injury, in the end it is only the nation and the Armed Forces that suffers. The crooks who took the bribes and manipulated the deals rarely get caught, let alone convicted. Life goes on as usual for those sub-human scum who populate the Defence Ministry and care nothing for national defence.

    But then again, that's what is the case in all ministries. No progress, only propaganda, motivational speeches and scams. The UPA is on a wholly different level from the NDA! More scams, more abuse of power, more wealthy and crooked netas, more taxes, more starving poor, more black money etc. Good choice, Indian janata!

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    Congress threw 28,000 crore rupees down the drain in Congress Wealth Games. That's the only thing that they are interested in. Safety of the country, what's that.

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    r we going to defend ourself with RFI and RFP documents that are floating around with none materialized


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