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    whats with the F-16 update?

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    Heberian aka K-LT

    This is the 3rd (that I recall)such arbitrary, and self-important action taken by Zhonguo. The last 2 that come to mind are the denial of visa to an official from Arunachal Pradesh on the grounds that he was "Zhonguren" since Arunachal is Southern Tibet according to those players of "Go"… And there was the stapled visas to our citizens from J&K..

    What gives the Zhongufolks the temerity to act as if all of Asia is their playground?

    It is not the Qinghai- Lhasa railway lines, nor the DF21's now in Tibet and aimed at India, nor the hordes of well armed and well fed troops waiting across the border.

    It is our political class who seem to be following Nehru and Menons self important and rather hypocritical blindness to Zhonguo strategy.

    "Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting" – S?n Z?.

    What better way than to show us down by retaining a "right" to decide how to treat our citizens.

    Keep us off-balance using the proxy failed nation to our west and use all ways to show us "our place" as thought proper by them. So much for "Hindi-Chini bhai bhai".

    Suspending the "naam ke vaastey" exercises is not going to ruffle any of the Dragons feathers, because there is nothing to loose for them.

    India needs to take strong action thru diplomatic channels where it becomes a matter of face for the residents of Zh?ngnรกnh?i, backed up by more boots on the ground in Ladakh near LAC of Aksai Chin that is illegally occupied by the PRC, and in Tawang and other parts of Arunachal and Sikkim, backed up by another half squadron of Sukhois.

    Perhaps some stapled visas to Citizens of Uyghuristan/East Turkestan/ Dzungaria apart from some sustenance to the suppressed people of Tibet… ( I know this is wishful thinking, but no tax on dreams..)

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    You behave by making all the ugly noises against China everyday and you expect to be treated with respect by China.

    Maybe China were bit afraid of the quantities of food this officier could consume…looking at his face it would be quite a bit.

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    To give a proper response to China we have to strike where it hurts most – which is Tibet. India should tell China that raising Kashmir and Arunachal will lead to India raising Tibet on international forums and may also go to the extend of recognizing govt in exile headed by Dalai Lama.
    But I know Indian politicians don't have the balls to talk tough with China. So China will continue to needle us and we will remain mute spectator.

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    Thats what is needed to show Indians there true place.I dont understand why Indian gov has to back this fat arm chair general.It is the same reaction when modi was denied visa to US.If smone doesnt want you in their house …do not go…period.But shameless indians think its their birthright.pathetic people and expect the world to treat them like superpower.

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    @DRAGON u think so ????? naaaaa he seemz more like obsessed with home made food becoz he can't take risk of consuming tainted melanine rich milk in china lol………….

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    Mr. Ra

    India should cancel the visa of Hu JIN Tao and even make it a target to cancel his passport in coming times.

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    NEW DELHI: India has suspended defence exchanges with China after Beijing refused a visa to an Indian army general from the disputed Kashmir region, government sources and local media said on Friday .

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    Indian leaders and military should be prepared for a most likely chinese aggression in near future. The evil Chinese desire is to dominate the whole world economically and militarily. The way they behave is much more aggressive and insane than the nazi germany ever was. They are ruthless with their illegal occupation and claim of neighbors territory. If india doesn't give strong reply soon they will claim whole northern india as their teritorry.

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    Dragon, if you're Chinese then know that this is just long-delayed payment(with compound interest) for decades of subtle and not-so-subtle diplomatic snubs, insults, farcical accusations, covert and overt attempts to undermine India by the Chinese junta-er, government.

    In fact we should make a habit of summoning your diplomats past midnight(like you do to ours) for briefings and painting the tricolour over your side of the border(like you cheaply do on ours, yes ours).

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    Dragon you piece of crap don't make joke about others food habit. Nobody eats dog, cockroach, frog, bugs like you do….

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    maybe the airline denied him air-tickets for being too golu-molu ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Its sad to see that china continues to blackmail us. our babus are useless .. wish we could get men with balls, like those on BR.

    Also, can someone tell me why this man is so fat? He seems so tired he cant keep his eyes open. If this is the state of our army, we might as well give up now. I used to think our army was one of the most fit in the world.. looks like i was wrong. ๐Ÿ™

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    Heberian aka K-LT

    to Dragon@ 12.51 p.m.

    PART 2

    Your ever expanding list of "core interest" based on some territory being part of one of the dynasties is laughable. By that yardstick, the Iranians can claim a lot of countries by virtue of the Persian empire, Macedonia can claim a whole lot more… and the old boys in Britain, good lord, they can claim a lot of land… because it was under the empire at some point.

    You specialize in making small nations depend on you for trade and then bullying them into submission: witness your exchanges at the recent security forum meetings in Vietnam…

    What really is the point of your proliferation and support for the "land of the pure", even when you see them unable to control "impurity" spill over to Xinjiang?
    By ignoring peaceful coexistence at the altar of hubris and extremely selfish pride, your leaders are behaving like Cao Cao, and not like Zhuge Liang.

    Our ancients have taught us to give respect and so did yours. Why are you forgetting that?

    Xie xie ni.

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    Heberian aka K-LT

    Shiv; I swear on my anonymous honour, the pinyin ( romanized Mandarin) writing was extremely decent and courteous. I know you can get it verified for decency and veracity. As a proud mallu Indian, I dont believe in profanity or lack of courtesy.Do publish it please. There are a lot of analysts who read your blog… who will be interested in the revered bits of Chinese history I invoked in those few line.

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    PPL just stop this crap that we will do the same they did.

    Fact is INDIA is just a wanna be super power & that dream will always be dream.

    punch line india doesnt have the balls, accept it losers

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    Once again china has shown that it is our main enemy. From the time I visited Dharmshala, we supported Free Tibet campaign and seen the misery of chinese occupation of Tibet.

    I request you Shiv, rise your voice against our main enemy and support Free Tibet campaign. Pls help the Indians and help poor Tibetans.

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    I don't understand why India is so obsessed with interacting with the Chinese military. It is clear that we are at odds over the border issue and will likely go to war one day, so why hold these joint military exercises that is a total farce?

    The general doesn't eat Chinese food he eats Chinese people for breakfast, and Dragon should be afraid of him. Although, these days he finds his food a bit soggy, with all the flooding in China.

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    Mr. Ra

    Red Dragon is as good a friend of ours as Pak666.

  20. 20

    Heberian aka K-LT

    Anonymous @ 6:11 – Should we really stoop to mocking the plight of the sufferers of natural disasters? Does it make us any better than "them" ?

    Anonymous @ 4:57

    Funny and immature post. Go read, or watch some movie.Grow up you.

    The populations of India and China both have ably demonstrated the amount of balls in each country.

    As for aspirations, maybe you are right, maybe you are wrong.. only time will tell. Do remember, everything is in cycles ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Jayanta Sarkar

    But the fact is: General is a fat man.I have never seen a military officer with this kind of bad physic.The general,I think from armored corps.He never did some exercise?What about consulting Baba Ramdev?

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    Master Chief Shiv

    When will you serve main course , i mean MMRCA Buzz as why IAF is wary of the Americans.

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    Mr. Ra

    Perhaps red dragon understands that once India gets through the MMRCA, then India will cross a technical threshold beyond which it may be difficult for the red dragon even to think of suppressing India. So it is trying to sound the so-called inauspicious sneezing.

    There can be another side to it that incited by Paki, Red Dragon is creating a situation wherein before Obama visit India gets excited to purchase the most experienced and readily available but oldest fighters like F-18/16 and Obama visit becomes a grand success.

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    It's our typical Hindu servile mentality that we adopted right from the time of Gandhi and Homo Nehru that's keeping the nation weak and backward. I don't understand why do we make contacts with a snake to be bitten time and again? Why don't we ever take a strong manly stand?
    Let's give a reply to China's base in Sri Lanka by opening an Indian Naval base in Vietnam.
    Let us declare occupation of Tibet by China as illegal (considering the fact that Tibet had a treaty with India to defend that country in case of external aggression) and immediate withdrawal of all Han Chinese from Tibet whether civilian or military.
    It is our weak corrupt illiterate netas and babus who are the biggest stumbling blocks to India's position as a superpower. Hope these bast@rds have the balls to give a fitting reply to China by stopping all trade with China. (China has overwhelming trade surplus over India). Let's gang up with USA, EEC, Japan, S.Korea and teach these treacherous chinkies a lesson they will never forget. They have forgotten their past as a nation of frequent famines and starvation deaths, and become arrogant all due to western charity.In other words let us show them the right size of their boots or shoes to be precise (considering the Chinese fetish for small feet).

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    simple only,,,,chn doesnt gain anything by making peace with us and settling issues, we are already bending over back and anyway ready to be most friedlist country to them even tough they treat us so badly,,same case with pk,,,so why make peace is what they think,,keep the issues open , increase the dispute,,keep pricking time to time ,,one day when india is weak and looking away,,take advantage with help from their deeper than ocean and taller than ocean friend pk….

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    China snubbed India again by refusing visa to GOC Jammu & Kashmir chosen by India as part of military exchange program. India has responded strongly, so says the media. How? By summoning their ambassador but filing a strong protest. As if it matters to them. By repeatedly bring up J&K and Arunachal Pradesh as disputed territories, China keeps India on tenderhooks and India hardly has any credible response and always end up sounding meek.

    It is time, India responds in kind, starting by unilateral recognition it provided to Tibet region as part of China. India should now start calling Tibet disputed territory and should allow displaced Tibetan people to stage protests freely. Every time China creates "disputed territory" noise, India should raise Tibet and the plight of ethnic Tibetan people.

    India has to keep China engagement but not at the cost of its self-respect.

    It is time India understood the concept of Quid-Pro-Quo.

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    Our leaders should definately focus on our goals –doing what's best for our people. And avoid getting distracted by the Chinese.

    The Chinese are probably playing a distracting game. To get into a back and forth quarrel with them would serve them more.

    BTW, that commander is indeed fat. He is sending the wrong message to his men and the enemy. Loose some weight commander!

  28. 28


    The Chinese reaction is reflection on following issues:

    Firstly, it appears every thing is not that all right in Tibet as it appears to outside world.

    Second, inspite of the internal situation in Kashmir valley, the UN, international body and Pakistan itself could not rake up the issue. China is now clearly doing its own and Pakistan's bidding. China is making its intention clear that Kashmir issue infact is not Pakistan's issue but that of China as well.

    The shift on Chinese stance on Kashmir and hardening Chinese stance on Kashmir is the fallout of an apprehension that soon Pakistan may be a failed or weaek state not capable of doing Chinese bidding or fighting as a proxy on Kasmir, hence Chinese need to jump in the fray.

    Dispute on Kashmir is raised to gain liverage on Lhasa – Xinziang raod in Aksai Chin where Indians are not willing to budge.

    Indian forward posturing is showing correct results. More and More Hans will have high altitude sickness !

    Am I right dragon !

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    Hehe.. maybe they were afraid he'd eat all their food. He needs to join gym class. Just kidding! But have you seen Stanley McChrystal or Gen Petraeus and how fit they are? The top guys should always set an example to their wards.

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    I think we should just keep quite and put an immediate hold on all incoming industrial material / equipment from China. Also cancel the permits for Chinese workers across various projects.
    This will have two effects:
    1. It will pinch the Chinese companies immensely and hence the Chinese Govt. Let them go to WTO!!
    2. It will give our Indian manufacturers and workers better opportunity.

  31. 31

    Heberian aka K-LT

    @ Amitabh

    Good idea, except…

    1) Our workers and companies have always had opportunities, but do remember the Nano saga in Singur. Else, try opening and running an industry in my home state Kerala.
    2)We first need to focus on roads and electricity supply. Our roads are such that shipping costs alone make the case for imports from China strong.
    Our electricity supply, I am sure, needs no introduction. How do industries work?

    Good news is, there is progress in infrastructure developments, but still we have lots of catchup to play before we can banish imports from China.

    But yes, we should stop companies like Huwawei and ZTE from selling in India, else we will be caught unwares when the "Assasins Mace" strikes.

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    Heberian aka K-LT

    To anonymous @ 7.05 am and Jayanta Sarkar:

    Sad but true, Lt. Gen. Jaswal does look like he has been investing a lot of time at the bar in the Officers mess.

    Since we are discussing all things Chinese here, google for pics of Gen. Chen Bingde ๐Ÿ™‚ …. he is no Gen. Stan MchChrystal or Gen. David Petraeus. New economic prosperity showing I say..

    OK, that was my cheap thrill ๐Ÿ™‚

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    The Chinese are very insecure. They have to huff and puff and build lots of shyscrapers to make-up for the fact their egg-rolls are very tiny; my bet is that 99% of them is posibbly only 2 inches away from being female.

  34. 34


    I watch a lot of Mixed Martial Arts, and the Chinese/Asian's generally don't fare too well. The general consensus among MMA trainees and practitioners is that they are a physically weak, and inept people.

    Perhaps, they compensate for this inadequacy by being unusually clever and deceptive. Student's of the sciences should know of this trade-off.

  35. 35


    Our Gen looks like Indian version of Jabba the Hutt.

  36. 36


    Respect gentlemen is earned over a long period of time…tell me how has india earned respect for itself? It has serious issues with all of its neighbours. Indian people are not respect in any country on any street. They are generally on the recieving end of the punch.

    India tries to project itself to be a great power…but even pak can handle you. Look what you did to iran. They were with you and then on the behest of US you voted against them. Do you think you have earned respect. Image you are on a school play ground and your best friend does this to you…what will you think of him? More importantly it decreases your value in US eyes as well.

    Look what paks do…even when US is bombing their towns they do not let go of their friends…even US understands why they are doing it. That my friends earns respect. Not money or bollywood but blood and guts. You do anything to tibet guess what will china give to our friends in India? there are more of them there then tibetians.

  37. 37


    How has Pak handled India? Has it got an inch of Kashmir despite all its efforts.Has it forced anything on India on Siachen, the water issues!

    What you call as Pakistan sticking to its 'friends' is called perfidy and deceit by the rest of the world.
    Take the money in the name of WOT and steal it to arm the Taliban.

    What kind of respect a country has when people/countries hesitate to give flood aid to Pakistan as they worry it may either be stolen or diverted to terrorists.
    Just look at their current state!The economy ruined,dependent on external aid and a country wracked with terrorism!
    I doubt that their policy earns them any respect from anyone.
    They can barely cope up with themselves at this moment,leave alone handle India!

    And kindly check who else voted on Iran and what position China took?

    Like the elephant,India appears slow,ungainly,lazy clumsy at times.But,the elephant is intelligent and has a good memory.And once it rolls!It rolls!

    And when talking about problems and respect, how is China or Pakistan or Nepal or Bangladesh or Sri-lanka respected more than India abroad,i would really like to know.


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