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    LM seems a bit nervous… The F-16 is out because it can not bring any technical advantage to the IAF.

    Rafale is the best choice for India!

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    this post is under pressure from LM?


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    lockheed must know by now that we want somthing which can knock down f 16s..so pls shut d 'f' outa here..n try n get somthin bettr next time..now lockheed is behavin like a chop shop..n plz tel d us senetor to com to india n learn how to respect business firms like infy..even the mumbai dabba walas r better than lockheed wen it comes to business

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    Rahul from BR

    I hope the indian govt doesnt succum to US pressure. Trying to ram us with old fighters will only make things worse for us.

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    F-16 is perfect jet , if its not supplied to PAF earlier , it may have massive chance in india.but now the possibilities are very less .

    I doubt , does obama's nov visit to india will change india's position in mmrca .

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    U La La.. Looks like LM is too much eager to sell Old machine to India.

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    Yanks you can go to Hell. Can u believe the mightiest country of planet can't make decent fighter plane. And to top it all so much fuss on ToT.
    This is what happens when u let multinationals run your country. And the countries politician end up becoming pimps for them. Imagine the kind of money that went into F22 program for that money the Russian would have probably given you a plane that is even invisible to naked eye.
    Come Dec Obama would come to India pimping his wares. And would try to get Indian vote for more sanctions on IRAN.
    IRAN is probably the only decent and progressive country in middle east. and is being punished for standing against American homogamy. American have turned a blind eye and also encouraged a rogue state such as Pakistan in its nuclear endeavor but is ready to destroy a country like IRAN. This is height of double standard.IRAN practices ISLAM in its strictest form but does its schools and colleges don't preach hatred against west or rest of the world.
    Its time India told the american to either rein in Pakistan or this time if a bomb goes off in any Indian city. Then our Our Diplomats would not do the talking but our fighter planes would.

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    F-16 is a superior a/c with AESA radar and conformal fuel tanks .so pakis are jittery .thats why they must have proxy voted in the opinion poll. SR-71 is a vintage a/c designed in 1960 and 70 .Still today there is no other a/c which can beat it? An upgraded F-16 is a formidable a/c. i love F-16 .but i have reservations about USA's double game!!

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    LM .. we dont want you. If you have some dignity leave mmrca.

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    well it is the insouciance that comes from a firm order of C-141s. But the F16, good and proven though it is, is a dead end. A v.cheaply produced aircraft requiring USAF style TLC to do well. iAF is long past those days.

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    Regarding Iran, it was the Iran of the past that was progressive and had a moderate version of Islam. Today they are reinventing the purest form of Islam and what you're seeing is the Iranian Mullahs' which criticizes the president himself for opposing the stoning to death of an Iranian women. I will consider today's Iranians above today's Arabs in terms of conducting barbaric acts.

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    India has to be clear for national security, no one should threat to purchase their product (especially American company's)
    then why to conduct field evaluation test and RFP tot so better to go with rafale or ef typhoon dont put Indians to American feet, it's such a situation, so quickly announce the deal,it's already late

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    This old hag just wants to stay in matrimonial market. Time for her to take sanyas now

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    India is only keen on a good relationship with the US and its people and are not interested in a strategic relationship with the US. As is well known, US has never been India's friend, only for material gain, not like other good friends of ours around the world. US's best friend is Pakistan and it should direct all its efforts in that direction and to India. We do not want a hug that will break our ribs. Sign this and sign that is you want technology. Listing ISRO and DRDO on the blacklist, are these indicators of a strategic relationship. It is only a tactical relationship for short term financial gain that the US wants.

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    Comparing an F-16 and Eurofighter/Rafale is like comparing an rusty ambasador to a Bugatti Veyron.

    Lockheed Martin is free to go on a donation spree to pakis.

    we are not beggars,we got money,we can afford Bugatti Veyron instead of a junky ambassador.

    Can some please tell those yankee contendors to go F themself with paki dicks.
    Thanks in advance.Also take time to tell Barak Osama to spend extra time with Hillary on bed ignoring the paki sponsored terrorism.

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    If the deal is all about gaining political mileage/security,it may be cheaper for India to buy 200 J11Bs? 🙂

    Trying to please Russia, Europe, France, and the US with 10s of billions of orders each so that they may or may not help India in a war against China is f'n dumb. This approach is not sustainable.

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    May be it was a brave faced adieu statement from F-16.

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    "American and india rein in Pakistan"…hahaha. Wakeup and smell the coffee!!! Pakistan is palying american and they know that without Pakistan they are f*****. Americans have no regards for india. India had 1.2 million soildiers on the border, paks didn't blink. Americans may not like pakistan but they respect them. They don't get played everyday.

    Just the saudi deal is worth more than the indian deal. Infact saudi's have signed one deal which is already bigger than the indian deal without having a 2-4 year running drama.

    Remember at the end this is just supply and demand. Incredible India this ain't.

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    A big NO to Lockheed. They better be happy with donating F-16 to pakistan. We should go for Eurofighter.

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    The Paki Ulta pulta as always is spoilling the show…

    Phite Munh..

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    Pak or Chinks are not real enemies.
    It is our own Babus and mantri mahoday are real enemies.

    I am 100% sure that Rafale and Typhoon will not stand before Babu and mantri mahoday greed.

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    Raymond Turney


    Seems like standard arms/defence industry spin to me.

    India should not buy US aircraft, for the obvious reason that it needs arms suppliers who can be trusted not to cause problems if the arms are used against Pakistan. Also, the F-16 is a very old plane, and while it was a very good aircraft, the competition is probably better than it is by now.

    That said, the other commenters should consider the possibility that the US is neither better nor worse than other great powers. In the not to distant future, it is possible that the US will be supporting India against the PRC.

    The US is often obnoxious, but it is not unique in this.

    Good luck,


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    In my opinion, the US is dependent on China to pay for its spending.

    At this time any direct confrontation between China and US = MAD from the economics perspective.

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    I like the border in the photo 🙂

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    I agree with anon10:15 PM.. pakis and chinks are not the enemy. our own babus are. we need to bring them on the streets and execute them all. all they do everyday is plan new ways of stealing money to make themselves richer and richer. many politicians contest their elections from jail.. and win!


    "In the 2000 elections to the Bihar state assembly, every single one of the underworld dons and scamsters who contested the polls either from jail or in hiding was elected, and with big margins. Among those who won with huge margins were men accused of offences ranging from extortion and kidnapping to murder. Some of them were even brought from the jail by police van for the swearing-in ceremony at the assembly building. "

    which other country does this happen in? Is this democracy???

    destroy these b*st*rds and free india to achieve great things!

    US must not be allowed to push their old crappy jets onto the IAF. All their stuff comes with so many strings attached, they might aswell keep it in the US and say its indian!

    hindustan zindabad, babustan murzabad

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    Ratshak sux

    hey anon@9:54 PM .. dragon might be a paki.. but what hes saying is right. dont live on cloud9. wake up and see whats happening.. everyone including america knows ISI is funding terrorism, but are they doing anything about it? maybe you can phone up obama and tell him to rein in the terror ISI is causing in J&K. Read B.Ramans blog if you want to know more.. sitting and reading the crap they post at bharat-ratshak doesnt make you educated.

    you bharat-ratshak boys are all the same.. just because you are patriotic doesnt mean you think everything non-indians say is wrong.

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    Bharat-RATshak is for morons

    @Mesh.. you are a bharat-RATshak moron. What you think LM called up and threatened Shiv to make this post? The entry is to keep readers aware of who thinks what is going on. And clearly, (rightly or wrongly) LM think they are still in the race.. maybe they are, maybe they're not. Keep reading shiv's blog and maybe you will learn something

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    "pakis and chinks"

    Wonderful language here.

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    "Lockheed Martin is denying allegations that Pakistan’s pilots are flying United Arab Emirates (UAE) Block 60 F-16 fighters."

    “We’d have known this … There is no evidence [of it]."


    There is no evidence until there is evidence.

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    Bharat Rakshak is for morons that's why its contributors are invited to discussions with strategic affairs analysts, while guys like you must hide behind some fake ID. Get a job!

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    Given the belligerent attitude of the Obama administration towards India and the overly friendly attitude towards the Jihadi Pakis, we should drop both the F-16 and the F-18.
    Stick with the Eurofighter, rafale, and Sukhoi.
    The pakis are being given 400 air to air missiles for the war against terror, amongst other hi-tech weaponry which will only end up being used against India and Afghanistan. Since when do the militants operate an airforce that would require air to air missiles?

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    US wants this and US wants that… Those days are gone and US citizens on this forum should start developing the habbit to listen to… India wants this and India wants that….

    And based on the poll results; India wants rafale at the moment. So all others including LM should keep quit. And respect the IAF decision. Their arrogance infact will create more problem for other India-US deals.

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    The Yanks have a nerve.They claim to be our friends yet they turn a blind eye to Paki sponsored terrorism.Their president and some stupid senator make provocative & derogatory statements against India and Indian companies despite the fact that Indian companies create jobs in USA & pay millions of dollars towards social security with no benefit in return.
    The Yanks should be told to fuck off

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    The MOD babus are busy collecting 'gifts' from dassault and EADS in some 5 -star hotel room in delhi.
    the swiss banks must be working overtime right now.

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    "F-16IN Super Viper would bring tremendous capabilities now and for the future to the Indian Air Force and would [b]strengthen the strategic partnership between India and the U.S. and between the Indian Air Force and the United States Air Force."[/b] – Malai mar kai…
    This is all talk, people; don't buy into it.
    There is and will be, no strategic partnership between India and the U.S. until full support of rogue state and sponsor of terror, Pakistan is relinquished. The rationalization for the support and armament of Pakistan is the very nation of India herself. It has been deemed a requirement, by the military planers in Washington to counter balance India's power and curb her influence. I stress again, all this talk of friendship, co-development and "strategic partnership" is all just a farce.

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    Manish Mishra

    if F16 wins…only possible reason for it can be…either OOSA just undergo sex change operation or Indian government was always a sysy…only they were feeding on chinese milk powder…so there organs looked more grown up than they shud…

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    Bharat RATshak is for morons

    anon@5:42 AM.. if you are so proud of your BR, then why are you hiding behind an anon title? Best you keep your smug comments to yourself.

    This is what you people think. What do you know about me? Yet you think I am a "nobody". Guess what? You're an equal nobody too.

    You bumholes take the piss out of every journalist and author out there because you think you know it all.

    So you get invited to a few talkshows, big deal. You think I've not been on any? Who gives a rats behind what you think? These TV guys invite many people, that doesnt mean they are the smartest on the planet. Its just airtime you looser.

    You think that gives you the authority to take a shot at every editor, journalist and author? Half your threads are filled with "this journo knows nothing, hes a DDM.." If you people are so smart, why dont you report any news? Because you're all just talkers. Talk is cheap, BR is cheap. Get a life, go back to your sick RATSHAK hole.

    And spell my name right, its RATshak, not rakshak.

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    I knew that the downselection was fake, and I find it pathetic that Eurofighter and rafale would be the chosen ones, Gripen would litterarly eat them anyway.

    Less EU propaganda from the french guys please.
    Why do you think that german pilots are complaining at the eurofighter?

  40. 41

    Bharat RATshag

    @anon 5:42 AM

    You know why noone gives you people any respect? Look at this thread..


    SaiK says "…note the ddm says: "close to US' F-22…" and "…mindset attributes that is driven by ddm and…"

    Do you see what is wrong here? He thinks just because he posts on bharat-ratshag he can disrespect the journalist involved. There are thousands of such degrading posts on your bumhole forum.

    If you like it there, stay there. Dont come and pollute other sites. The funny thing with all you freaking RATshaggers is that you continue to quote every journalist even after dismissing him as an uneducated person. Why? Because otherwise you rats wont have anything to discuss.

    And by the way, when was the last time you were invited on to some program? Many years ago! Journalists are there more often than you.

    You are no better than pakis. Just visit pakistanidefenceforum and see how they behave. There is very little difference between you rats and them pakis. Both you and them dismiss anyone who disagrees with them. Only difference is on which side of the border you are on.

    So I would suggest you stick to your stupid site and not bring your criticism of journalists here. They try their best, sometimes they get it wrong but who is perfect? Yet you make them look like morons. Indians HATE you freaking rats

  41. 42

    Go Home RATshaker

    anon 5:42 AM

    Look at this, this is a list of acronyms you rats have come up with:


    DDM – desi dork media
    lifafa journalist – paid for hack
    uneven cohen – stephen cohen – part time analyst, full time rattlesnake.
    old windbag – cohen
    BBMB – british big mouth brigade – media.
    Foxnews – american version of pravda.

    There are more lists all over the place. This is just one example.

    Do you not think that name calling and degrading journalists is sickening? If you don't it shows how far up each others behinds you are in. You are disconnected from reality.

    Its funny how you make fun of journalists and yet you come to their site and leave comments. Dont you have some shame? Guess not if you're still reading this.

  42. 43


    anon 5:42 AM

    "..while guys like you must hide behind some fake ID…"

    Irony! This coming from a guy who is using the anonymous radio button. Why dont you use your BR name if you are so proud of yourself?

    "invited to discussions with strategic affairs analysts".. haha that one made me laugh.. funny you say that because none of what you discuss is information you gathered yourself. Its just material from news websites.. LMAO so ye so much for your "discussions"

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    Whether Eurofighter/ Rafale have edged out the rest is a matter of debate for the rest of us.. its kind of funny to see LM acting in such a defensive manner..almost like a cry baby- given that we have not heard any such statement from the Russians or the Swedes hard selling their wares, post such a supposed announcement.. the Yankees must be hoping to win every damn competition..well its time 4 a reality check i guess!

  44. 45


    IMO – Until there is an official comment, all comments are rumors. I'd even consider the Rafale/Typhoon story as evidence they have dropped in the pack or that officials are testing the contenders finacial resolve. The longer this choice takes, the more gifts arrive.

    Second; I do not think the F-16 would be a good choice for India because the US will not share technology easily, the engine would be unique to the aircraft and India's control of airspace, essential in combat, would be dependant on US politics. But if it was my rear in the cockpit, I would choose an F-16 over all but the Gripen in air combat, fearing only the SU-30 and F-15.

    Finally; I'm surprised by the Rafale/Typhoon choice, if true. Both are typical Eurpoean designs that strike from distance (A2A and A2G) and run away quickly, but lack resolve in a dogfight or support of ground troops and their changing conditions. I don't think this is what India needs and I would not fly something where my life is dependant on outrunning missles.
    The similar Mig-29/35 is much better in close combat (A2A and A2G). It cannot flea like the Rafale/Typhoon, but can take a beating and keep flying. If the mission was a sustained assault on moving ground targets while watching for enemy aircraft and surface missles, I'd fly the Mig-29/35.

  45. 46


    F16 will be around for years. But we should not buy it, the US will be able to exert too much influence on us.

  46. 47


    F-16 should never even have been allowed to compete!! How can we even think about buying an aircraft which the enemy is extremely familiar with?
    Let's hope the UPA government does not succumb to their American master's pressure.

  47. 48


    PAK-DEAF guys have nothing better to do. So they hide behind fake IDs like cowards, and post stuff here.

    Their JF-17 just sat at Farnborough. And Pakis went to town proclaiming it s the star attraction !! What pathetic liars and losers.

    The pride & saviour of the PAF, the mighty F-16 has been dismissed by the IAF like a fly. Maybe thats why their massive egos got hurt badly..

  48. 49


    The official spokesman of the Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has downplayed media reports that France's Dassault Rafale and the Eurofighter Typhoon have emerged as favourites to win India's Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) contest.

    Speaking to Jane's on 10 August, Sitanshu Kar said no decisions have been made about the programme following the MoD's receipt of a comprehensive trial report on the six rival fighters competing for the INR420 billion (USD9.1 billion) contract.

    Some media outlets in India had earlier reported that the results of the MMRCA technical evaluations, which concluded in mid-2010, had prompted the Indian Air Force (IAF) to recommend to the MoD that the shortlist be narrowed down to just two aircraft: the Rafale and Typhoon.

    The other platforms competing for the 126-aircraft tender are Boeing's F/A-18E/F, Lockheed Martin's F-16IN, the Russian United Aircraft Corporation's MiG-35 and Saab's JAS 3


  49. 50


    These Bharat-rakshak members claim they are think tanks of Indian defense establishment. They are nothing but a bunch of people who are high on teen-hormones.
    You go to their website, it is all childish behavior that is rampant without any restriction. 'Lungi dance', criticizing new members citing ignorance can only be seen.
    They claim they are pilots serving in IAF, officers from Navy, grow-up kids.

  50. 51

    Mr. Ra

    After WWII, F-16 is the most sold out fighter after Mig-21. Perhaps they want to break this record of Mig-21.Lol…

  51. 52

    Die RATshaker

    Abhid-d .. I'm not paki, but i'm not a ratshaker either. You seem to be one. Go back there. you can call paki's pakdeaf (i'm assuming this is some play on a website?) for all i care but i'm not paki so it wont apply to me.

    anon@8:49 PM
    Exactly. There are no "air force pilots" or "navy officers" there! There was one or 2 but they've banned them. Look:


    RayC – was a uniformed officer, was banned for a month but hasn't returned since.


    Sanku – banned for a month, but hasn't returned either.

    These RATshaggers ban everyone who disagrees with their views. I believe sanku disagreed vehemently with the rest of them on india buying C17s, so they banned him.

    These guys are just like the pakis. Shame they are indian, they insult the rest of us in front of the world.

  52. 53


    hey Abhid-d, you ratshakers can call the pakis anything you wish, I wont be insulted because i'm not a paki. So make fun of their JF17 or their flying alkhalid or the chinese turbo micro hypersonic carrier killer or whatever you want. Infact, I encourage it because it infuriates the paks and chins.

    I'm a proud indian, but i hate BR with all my heart. This is because you morons respect noone but those who have views that parrallels yours. As they would say in the UK, GO HOME PAKI, I say GO HOME RATSHAKer

  53. 54


    My thinking is if Rafale’s avionics, the Thales Spectra, includes "stealthy" radar jamming technology, a radar cancellation systems analogous to the acoustic noise suppression systems and it works the way it is said to be, then IAF should chose Rafael.

    However, I wish Snecma had some meaningful upgrade plan for M88 to go 40% increase in power output. Otherwise future upgrade of the craft would be very difficult.

    The high availability rate like Rafale's is very crucial at this point of time for the IAF (at low squadron strength for atleast another 7 years). I think Eurofighter is not even close on that mark. I mean only capability does not count if presence is not there.

    On the Industrial Politics, French and Indian Aero Industry would have the highest degree of symbiotic relation. On another venue, we can connect with Germans. Dump Brits. They are all "Mac Churchill" (always had problem seeing India as a strong nation). America would soften and come to senses in picking friends.


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