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    Hmm.. I can't fathom why the MoD is willing to spend this much for merely buying new engines for old aircraft given some of their past penny-pinching antics. But it's a good thing, even if there's no urgent need for the Jaguars to have new engines.

    What is far more important and should have been implemented years ago is the re-engining of the surviving MiG fleet. Engine failure has been one of the most common causes of MiG-21/23/27 crashes, but even then proposals to re-engine the MiG-27s with new-build engines were considered and abandoned twice. The Russians successfully tested the infamous MiG-21 with the RD-33 engines currently manufactured by HAL for the MiG-29 upgrade. If those had been adopted many good pilots would still be flying today that died in crashes.

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    Good point Gautam!


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