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    Shiv, Ajai Shukla sir is saying that we should scrap the MMRCA in favour of F 35. Should we do that? What is your take on this? AJAI SIR'S BLOG:

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    Shiv Aroor

    anon@7.14pm: I've read Ajai's piece. I don't agree with it. If I get the time, I will post my views on that shortly.

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    Question for informed readers: Will such exercies not jeopardise closely held war-fighting secrets of the Indian forces?

    What if the Brits or the Americans pass on such information to the Pakis, who will then pass it on to the Chinese?

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    Why are these Limey pilots standing around like loafers, when they are in the presence of an IAF Air Marshal ? The whites, specially the Anglo – Saxons, still have an obnoxious condescension towards us. They have to be put in their place.

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    Dear JB: I tend to agree with you. Part of responsibility is also on us on making sure that brits (or whoever is visiting) aligns to what they are expected to do (by prior expectation setting??) including standing postures in this case.
    Please note that I do not have a military background but talking in general sense.


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