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    PM heading to Berlin, Germany to pitch for Eurofighter….

    Germany will contend that the Eurofighter offer is unique as it involves technology transfer and is likely to stress that it is ready to forgo the End-User Monitoring Agreement (EUMA) that even India's close partners like the US insist on, an informed source disclosed.

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    Hello Shiv,

    You and Ajai do a great job.

    But for some time is is seeming, that you should exercise greater discretion in taking and posting some specific videos / pictures. And we are not just talking about the INS Jalashwa in particular.

    We judge you favorably as a defence journalist. But one is beginning to categorize the "TV news style sensationalism" with you. Do check this. Please consider this as a "mid course correction"…thats all.

    We are sure you are already being responsible. In all probability, you are already exercising caution …and out of the many things you learn, you are probably not posting everything to the public. It is just that some of your posts in the recent past belie this somewhat.

    We hope this is taken in the right spirit. We certainly admire your patriotism and wish to see you continue in the same spirit.

    With asurances of our highest regards,


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    Hi Shiv,

    If i am not wrong this is the same helicopter for which the indian navy was scolded and rounded up in the CAG report. According to that report these choppers are nery old and obsolete and compromises safety standards and mission criticalities.

    By your video , they don't seem to be too much old and are boon for our navy which still relies on decades old Chetak and cheetah 🙂

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    Where's the sound? I thought it would be noisy as hell inside the choppper !

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    Prasun K. Sengupta

    To pranav: In aviation parlance, it is a sin to refer to any aircraft as being old and obsolete! Either an aircraft is in airworthy condition, or it is not. As for the UH-3Hs, the question to be asked is how much more airframe life is left in each of them. I would be surprised if they've all touched even the half-life figure–meaning they're good to go for another 15 years during which time they could be upgraded with new avionics suites.


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