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    Never forget,never allow to forget.Never forgive,never allow to forgive.

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    R.I.P those who gave their lives to save humanity frm evil.i will not say anything else.just watch a song called For Those Who Died Alone(F.T.W.D.A) by pentagram.this 8mins of pure emotions(doesnt mean soft always) truly reflects what we think abt the tragic incident which left a nation in grief.I AM NOT AMONG THOSE SHITHEADS WHO COME OUT ONCE A YEAR,BURN CANDLES IN PLACES,SHOW FAKE GRIEF & FORGET THE THE VERY NEXT DAY.listen to that instrumental track which express the feeling which even vocal songs cant.WE WILL NEVER GET DISTRACTED BY SOME OBSTACLES IN OUR PATH OF DEVELOPMENT,WE WILL RISE FROM ASHES LIKE PHONIX EVERYTIME.jai hind.

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    And Kasab still lives.

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    Mr. Ra

    Pakistan has still not accepted its hands in this gruesome crime.

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    a mourning indian

    and no miltary action.
    makes me sad.(vote bank politics)

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    Prosenjit Ganguly

    We still await prosecution…the culprits are still roaming free….The question that we need to ask ourselves how much more to bear, how much more to expect from the govt.

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    On this solemn day, I thank my kid brother who held his weapon nonstop for 30 hrs and slept only after the last of the vermin was killed. May be I will call him today. He described in grave details the bloodbath that had taken place inside the Nariman house.

    The ideology of hatred and Mughlai ancestry still lives on our western borders and also in the hearts of leftist apologists – Wagah Kandle kissers, who keep on raising the imaginary and perceived atrocities on muslims in India and try and justify this carnage by saying, "Muslims lost their empire, pakistan is also a victim of terror."

    I have no emotions of these people. Indians died that day irrespective of religion. Indians have been dieing in any case for so long due to this apathy of the elite.

    Funnily there is a pakistan lobby of politicians and foreign service retired and serving bureaucrats. There is an American lobby and there is a chinese lobby, there is even a islamic lobby in Echelons of power in Delhi. Is there any INDIAN lobby who takes care of the mango indian? Add to that we have a prime minister who keeps on mouthing that stable pakistan is in India's interest! It is indeed funny as whenever pakistan is growing and stable they kill Indians.

    I am sad at the way we are managing weapon procurement and dealing with Terrorist state of pakistan and her 3.5 masters – US/SAUDIS/CHINA and halfling UK. Police reforms have been languishing.

    RIP brave sons of Mother India


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    It was a great day….it showed how a nation of 1.2billion can defeat 10 guys after many days of mayhem. I never found out where the other 9 guys came from?

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    I do agree to most of what you say but have these comments :

    1. There is no Indian lobby in INdia because we are all too busy being our respective state-language-caste. IN spite of 60 odd years the pejorative term Madrasi has not been erased from our vocabulary of most "North Indians" as do most "south Indians' think of everyone up north as "Panjabis' or "Biharis". Think about that

    2. As for the PM's comment, Pakistan has tied both India AND the US into such a fine know that this is more or less the reality. Imagine a Taliban controlled mad mullah centric government in charge, including the nukes . Its easy to talk of nuking Pakistan – I am all in favor if it – but the cost to India would be too much in the long run. And mind you, only us civilians talk of this, the military is too busy trying to get equipment – some equipment – ANY equipment to boost its warfighting

    3. It will be – sadly – just another day for most apathetic Indians and Bombaywallas – including me who lives in Bombay . See ? we froth more at the mouth about changing Bombay to Mumbai than larger issues.

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    if there had been a war, the people of india would be starring at un-imaginable misery for the next 50 yrs at least, ratherthan a potentially bright future. I like the fact that indians feel brave when posting online whilst being slapped on the streets of europe. bravery from distance is not really bravery. Calling for war is not smart or brave. Pakistanis have always said that their response will be instant and massive. Throw in the nukes and you have a nightmare scenario. And how long before india's region go back to their statu's in history as independent nation states?

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    This day will be remembered forever, where our brave soldiers sacrificed their life for their country. But, what makes us shame that our law still allows the person(Kasab) to survive in our country. That Sucks!!!. The Judge , The Lawyers and Our Politics sucks and shames the nation. Two years from now that person is surviving and our government is saying that they will provide justice to our people , when when he will be release like a person when our government release some of the terrorist during Indian Airlines Hijacked and was taken to Kandahar, when they asked for the release of terrorist for releasing the people. Is the government waiting for those days to come back, just kill the culprit and leave no choice for the terrorist.

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    @ Polar
    Enjoy your wet dream.
    Its beneath even a 10 yr old to respond to your post.

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    @ arkangel…
    unfortunately, what polar said was the sad truth, much as i would like india to wage a war and finish off the problem that is pakistan, we know that the first thing they will do is launch their nuclear weapons at delhi mumbai and bangalore, at the very least, which will ensure that even tho they dont win, we go back atleast 30 years in development…
    war is not the solution, only a reaction…

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    a sad indian

    if not war then for what are we buying weapons and reading livefist ????
    hobby or timepass .we have been war with pakistan since 15 th august 1947.

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    Mr. Ra

    Pakistan has already fought a long war against us from 1191 AD and they had lost it completely in 1857 AD.

    Now only the Houdini trick remains to be brought out which makes the Pakistan to disappear forever. Lol…

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    Jayanta Sarkar

    To all here:
    Please read and think .Like anyone ,I too deeply saddened and frustrated by the actions of Pakistan and in actions of our Government.Many of you have suggested a military action and punish Pakistan.But all out conventional strike will only bring about destruction to the whole region as Pakistan is lunatic,wild dog-it will throw whatever it has-NUKES.Their minister even threatened with it-Shaikh Rashid..I too want end of Pakistan by balkanising it to pieces.So I propose bestow the responsibility to the secret services to finish Pakistan.RAW can do it.It may take some time but it will cause a deep hemorrhage to the state of Pakistan.Only we have to fuel the troubling spot of Baluchistan,Sindh,Mohajir,Punjab,NWFP and Taliban.Think how MOSSAD launched Operation Wrath Of God to kill the masterminds of 1972 Munich killings and killed them all in two years.This Pakistan operation will take more time and resources .In 5 to 7 years destabilization will be completed if done correctly and with political willingness(well I have severe doubt about our country's policy makers-most of them are lazy and impotent)But I am hopeful.In the meantime ,we do our duty -make our India more powerful and less violence prone country.God bless India.


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