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    Jayanta Sarkar

    Meant for China..good.Now increase it's range.

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    Good work Brahmos team ! But same cannot be said about the camera team…

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    Is there any plan to test this in real mountain scenario? Like in J&K or other himal regions.

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    Mr. Ra

    BRAHMOS Block III – Its different.

    A real earning on the taxpayers money.

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    Thank you Mr. Shiv Aroor for good News. Congratulation to DRDO scientist and people of India. When would we get good News for Nirbhay Missile test?

    Mr. Shiv, Could you please give latest update on Nirbhay missile test?


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    Shashank H R

    Its really spectacular to see those small bursts deflecting the missile to the desired trajectory.
    Its awesome.Let them use cl-20 on this!

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    Wow!! gr8 weapon.. maneuvering thru mountains .. that means avoiding detection on radar(correct me if i am wrong).. just double it's range and it's a gr8 weapon for attacking chinese facilities

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    hey can any one tell me wat is range of this missile??

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    wow wow .. absolutely intimidating 4 the potential adversary.. imagine the scenario of a salvo launched by the by the Su-30 MKIs!!! and yea increase its range definitely!!

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    gr8 news…
    i think the range is not just 290 km it is kept so keeping export option in mind.its range would be definately higher then the stated by the DRDO…

    now only thing is to be done is that to produce these in large numbers…

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    Strange are the ways of our "quota" scientists-they do not test missiles which really need testing-Shaurya was last test-fired on 12 Nov 2008. Why not test a 2000km version of Shaurya so that it can be installed on the Arihant class when it is commissioned in 2012? The Agni-3, the only credible weapon against China, has had 3 test fires, the first being a failure. The last test was on 7 May 2008. Why are we not testing the Agni-3 more (say 2 times a year) to make this a credible and operational missile.

    The Brahmos aka the P-800 Oniks however has been tested every alternate month without any increase in range or change in any significant parameter than its original Russian specs. I am sure it can maneuver and the terminal speed has been increased from Mach 5 to Mach 5.3 by changing a flow rate of a terminal valve/expansion chamber, but seriously-that is not real progress, right?

    More comedy is provided by the "CEO" of Brahmos Aerospace. To be a REAL CEO, you have to show credible & sustainable growth-Not test a stable Russian missile platform while giving tall statements for 6 years. You cannot miniaturize the missile for the Sukhoi-30 MKI-you are very conveniently taking the easy way out of putting the aircraft at risk by making it carry a 8.4 metre missile. You cannot double/triple the range of the missile maintaining the current dimensions in which case it would have been an useful Naval platform.

    But then if you had real intellect and drive-you would have been the CEO of a private organization not of a "quota" organization.

    In the end-Is protecting the nation by improving its defence capabilities more important than PR exercises by testing a readymade Russian missile repeatedly?

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    Good work done once again!!
    An extended range would prove this capable missile to give sleepless nights to the Chinkis and paki

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    gr8 work!!!

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    Uditt Lamba

    what a beauty!
    just look at her go!!! 😀

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    the range of the missile cannot be increased as Russia is a signatory of MTCR. so the range would remain at 290km, unless India builds its own supersonic cruise missile.

  16. 16


    OMG! It's really fast!

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    @Jayanta Sarkar
    it is not for chinks because of its range but it can be used against terror camps in POK.

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    The range should increase.DRDO should target to beat tomahawk.

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    me think slowly we are testing homemade system on it that why it is tested to so frequently
    soon we may have totally indigenous "Brahamganga" with range will outside IRBM range.

  20. 20


    Anon 8.22 AM Are you aware there are no quotas in defense?

    Which Pvt Cos r u talking about? The ones that give booze, women and cash to babus to gain access to telecom intercepts or the ones who use women to "put" netas of their choice in the right ministry? If you are talking about Indian companies, then you gotta be a mega thief and not an intellectual as recent events will bear out.

    If you are talking about MNCs, there is something called glass ceiling which will ensure that you remain an efficient low cost "Indian coolie" for them.

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    indian defence forum

    i don't think that the brahmos is any better with block 3 the huge CEP still exists……

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    Pagla Dashu said… HMX is 9100 m/s. The explosive velocity of CL-20, on the other hand, is 9380 m/s, a mere 3% more than HMX.

    PD, the explosive strength is always measured in relative strength/effectiveness vs TNT. And the velocity factor has nothing 2 do here.

    Example: TNT (velocity 6900) = 1.00 vs Amatol (velocity 6570) = 1.17, that is more than TNT strength but TNT has more velocity though (which is meaningless here).

    After nuclear yeild, its Octanitrocubane (RE 2.70), and then comes CL-20 (RE 2.2). So yes, its very explosive.

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    @ 5:27 PM it can be used against terror camps in POK.

    Those terror camps are rocking n rolling in POK n elswhere in Pakistan since 20 years. Despite Parliament attack, Aksherdham, Red fort, Mumbai attack, we have been playing cricket with them, our TV channels are importing Pakistani comedians…

    Let me know when its gonna happen, I am all ears….

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    Sahanshu: range of the missile cannot be increased as Russia is a signatory of MTCR

    Brahmos IS made in India first of all, the other thing is that we are importing its seeker only (motors are being manufactured in India via ToT, guidance, fire control system is Indian). In that light, if India increased its range, its immune to MTCR ungalbazi 😉

    India will be NSG signatory shortly and MTCR member next….

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    that means avoiding detection on radar(correct me if i am wrong)

    Terrain hugging, sea skimming non-ballistic very low altitude trajectory cruise missiles are designed to be stealthy.

  26. 27


    cost/kg of HMX = Rs. 6,000
    Lethality/power/potency of CL-20 over HMX = 15x


    HMX strength RE=1.70
    CL20 strength RE=2.2

    So CL-20 is just 30% deadlier than HMX and not 15 times.

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    That monster is fast fast fast – even in that few seconds clip! Gave me goose bumps watching her go.

  28. 29


    huge CEP still exists…..

    And what makes you come up with such statement¿¿¿¿

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    Uditt Lamba

    anon@8:22 AM
    ur talking as if ur dad wasnot promoted by the DRDO…
    and as if the first thing ur dad does is blurt out all his critique for the DRDO in front of u…
    get a life man!!!

    jo log ye missile banate hain…tu unki pairon ki dhool bhi nahin hai!!!

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    This is really a forum of keyboard warriors, this is a Russian platform – the P800 Oniks; I really do not understand what is the Indian contribution. I would have understood if the range was increased by DRDO. Shiv- would have expected you to highlight this.

    What is the diff btw us and the Pakis if we trumpet readymade missiles made by other countries?

    However this is an addition to our capability so would not deny that. But the lack of comprehension is really sad.

    Few days back I read a comment by a HAL top honcho who was asked why the AoA limitation in the LCA was not being tested. His reply was the program so far has a spotless crash record and he would like to maintain that.

    Now DRDO instead of testing the indigenous missiles is testing the imported ones. You have to hand it over to these guys

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    This is really a forum of keyboard warriors

    And you are one of it, disapprove it!

    this is a Russian platform – the P800 Oniks;

    Oniks has ramjet, using kerosene liquid fuel, while Brahmos has a two-stage propulsion system, with a solid-propellant rocket for initial acceleration and a liquid-fueled ramjet responsible for sustained supersonic cruise.

    Its precision relies on Indian guidance system, and so is its fire control system.

    Your grouse/grumble seems too lousy without any coherent stuff within.

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    Best thing that would deter the Pakistanis is not these Brahmos but when Musharraf' son or Kiyani daughter get killed in from point blank range in the frinagi Land where they are enjoying the exploits of their Parents.

    Most important thing all the gurus missed, A. Sivathanu Pillai refused to answer :: He declined to disclose the altitude at which it cruised ::

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    Aaditya Bhatt

    With the weight of 1,440 kilograms Tomahawk missile has the range of 2,500km and even with the weight of 3000 kilograms BrahMos has the range of 300km.

    Don't you think its strange?

    On the contrary so far my knowledge is concerned, Ramjet engine is lighter than a Turbojet engine used in Tomahawk so what is the key factor governing the weight of the BrahMos?

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    Aaditya Bhatt

    What makes BrahMos so heavy?
    Tomahawk with the weight of 1,440 kilograms, is having the range of 2,500km and
    BrahMos having the weight of 3,000 Kilograms, is having the range of 300km.

    I find it very strange.

    On the contrary, Usually Ramjet engine is better than Turbojet engine in terms of Thrust to weight ratio at supersonic speeds.

    So what governs the weight of BrahMos to this extent?


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