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    indian defence forum

    what india desperately needs is fast interceptor boats which can intercept rougue threats even at 45-knots or above….. these huge OPVs are very slow with top speed around 20-25 knots & they are costly too……the navy & coastguard needs to get their priorities right …

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    Is this the fourth Saryu-class OPV?
    If so, do you know the name of the third one?

  3. 3

    Timmy P.

    I agree with Indian Defence forum…….our navy should be looking at how the Chinese, Pakis, and Turkish navies all use similar fast attack craft, I believe it is called Type 022 (Houbei Class) Fast Attack Missile Craft (China & Pk) and ONUK MRTP┬«33 Fast Patrol / Attack Craft (turkey)……these are great concepts and we should equally build such ships. Our ships are to slow to engage such ships…..

  4. 4

    Yatharth Singh

    Sir, please post some more details on this OPV. About its specifications.
    Any link or reference?
    If possible then please do it sir.

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    Saryu is a sukanya class, which was sold to srilanka. there are 5 more of them built by Korea n Hindustan shipyard, while this one was built by GSL….

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    Indian defense n Timmy:

    These 105 meter, 2200 tons displacement type behemoth are not littoral ships. Please dont confuse them with fast patrol boats or other coast gaurd ships.

    One is coffee, the other is tea!

    Totally different.

  7. 8

    Mr. Ra

    It appears to be a mobile defense platform with limited use.

  8. 9


    In case of any major conflict with the Chinese, it would be impossible for the Indian Navy to sail ships near the Chinese coast because of the threat posed by Chinese Sukhois with Sunburn missiles and shore based AShMs. What India desperately needs is a huge submarine fleet, which can easily bypass such threats and launch a sneak cruise missile attack.

    But we are more busy buying ships and other things with limited use in war. Case in point is the INS Jalashwa, which we cannot use for offensive operations.

  9. 10


    Some of the reactions are surprising!!!
    There is something called an optimum weapons mix.
    A country does not buy the most excellent SAMs and then say,OK we have them and so we do not need anti-aircraft guns.Every weapon system has a role.You do not use para-commandos for sentry duties!!!Thus while the Talwar and Delhi class go hunting for the PN,these ships will play a vital role in the equally important 'sentry ' and 'escort' duties. If such ships were not there, the capital class of offensive IN ships would be burdened with such duties.Do you want Indian 'Talwars' to be doing static patrols or go after the Pakis??
    For those worried about FACs,The IN has Super Dvoras and fast missile boats.

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    Hi everyone

    Can someone enlighten me about OPV..What exactly is its functionality..pl don ask me 2 google it bcos i've don dat..I want 2 knw what is its role n relevance wid the IN..


  11. 12


    Can someone enlighten me about OPV

    The offshore patrol vessels are usually the small ship in a navy's fleet that are large and seaworthy enough to patrol off-shore in the open ocean. In larger militaries, such as in the United States military, offshore patrol vessels usually serve in the coast guard, but many smaller nations navies operate these type of ships.

    They are warships typically smaller in size than a corvette and can include fast attack craft, torpedo boats and missile boats, although some are as large as a frigate.

  12. 13


    @Raging silence,
    There should always be a wiki result when you google!!

  13. 14


    Primarily for long-ranged "anti-priracy" roles in the Indian Ocean, especially Somali pirates. Just look at the increasing numbers of news reports of how many operations IN has to had carry out in the recent months.

    These boats are relatively cheap and the weapon package is ideal for dealing with pirates in small dingys. The size of the boat allows it patrol vast distances in the Indian Ocean (i.e. along the Horn of Africa) for longer duration as well as having enough space to carry MARCOS (or other special counter-pirate boarding teams).

    These boats will free up IN's DDG and FFG from these types of "low-intensity" duties. In fact, another 6 more may be required to replace the Sukanya class OPVs.

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  15. 17


    There should always be a wiki result when you google!!

    Most of the time yes, all the time no…

    I will give you an example if asked for.

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    Indiadefenceforum is a Pakistani website and Pakistanis desperately make comments in Indian websites, forums and blogs using Indian ids. So be careful about these and avoid posting these kind of comments from useless and idiotic Pakis.


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