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    Mr. Ra

    Grand as it was supposed to be.

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    wat we r getting f-16in or fa-18 those american may have already buy our babus…..

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    Our HAL FGFA/PAK-FA could be world beater after 2020… With F-22(maintaince issues) and F-35 (quality issues) in trouble. As always Sukhoi will be robust and easy to maintain.
    It will also give HAL enough experience for developing AMCA

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    The F-22 can't fly in a thunderstorm, and its sensor suite gets overwhelmed if it files over dense urban centers! This FGFA will be a rough and ready ship with deliberate compromises. Expect IAF to task this ship for deep strikes in concert with the Rambha. IAF is determined to be clear that the FGFA (I will call it Shiela – as in Shiela ki jawani!) will not be challenged in range, passive sensing, maneuverability and firepower, in the airspace between Bosporous and the Malaccas. Also in the future a significant part of the IAF fleet and aviators will become dual qualified for over-land + over-sea ops for jointness with the IN. The IN in turn is going to amp up its airpower to make it the biggest Naval airpower over the IO. Big plans are afoot, and we ain't seen nothing yet!

    Nabah Sparsham Deeptam, Shanno Varunah!


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    mathi man

    Well, What can i say other than that I hate Putin.

    Russia lost its face in MMRCA and now he has regained it for her.

    Last we can do the "Brahmos" model and make sure no systems developed by us go in vain.

    This government has created a record in shaming India in front of all other countries and nobody can beat it.

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    We are proud Indians, we will spend all our hard earned money on importing weapons from all over the world. India is like a golden bird that lays golden eggs, everyone wants a piece of this bird. I am afraid though that some of the people may be in a haste to completely fleece the bird. Slowly and surely we have been led into the quagmire of corrupt defence deals, inept defence minister and lumbering military. God help India, if you really exist.

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    Wondering where our good friends India Defence Forum and Taxpayer are – busy receiving the Chinese delegation..i was expecting their comments first for this post implying how our adversary is better off even though we are getting the FGFA..that aside.. a great news for Indian forces.. i really hope that the delivery schedules for this project don't slip by " a few years" and hope that it on track right through the project. Great news..!!

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    I agree with you AK. When our country has world's highest number of people below poverty line, it is simply criminal to splurge billions of $ in the name of "defense"? "Con"-I what about making good your promises to Aam Admi? Or you are too busy making hay thru these shady "defense" deals which involve billions of $ of kickbacks, as you know your coming to power in next elections is remote?

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    Both Indian defence forum and taxpayer are pakistanis desparately posting on indian blogs to run indian armed forces, drdo etc down. But its a bit too obvious.

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    A great deal , it will suerly give some relief after all the Chinese weapon hype.

    Russian are sharing their highest level technology with Indians. With almost no string attached, where as they can easily find funding from other richer countries.


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