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    It is high time India realized that the tantrums are to be thrown by the one who is buying, and not one who is selling. Unfortunately some Indians are ready to sell the country for their selfish gains. It is high time, that Russia was sent a stern message that they are not going to get away with their Tantrums and that they are not the only option we have. It just amazes me how we have taken so much time to build a plane of our own, an aircraft carrier or a nuclear submarine. What is wrong with the Indian system that it just cannot seem to deliver and make us self relaint. Or is it that we just are lacking the will. Whatever the reason it is costing and giving other countries like Russia to fleece us of the hard earned foreign exchange.

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    Cancel any future contract for the Migs and get the Tejas to do the job and speed up the process of Naval LCA induction.

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    not surprising though..

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    Mr. Ra

    Gone are the days when the USSR was selling Mig-25 to India in barter trade for mangoes, oranges and bananas.

    Now Russia does not want to be lagged behind the USA and others in business politics.

    Non selection of Mig-35 would have shocked them. This can be corroborated if such troubles precede this event or not.

    We may be going to get bigger shocks, if we do not select F-16 or F-18.

    Self dependence would have been a sacred objective, but it seems a distant dream.

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    this is going to happen ,today its russia,tommorow with US n after that with XYZ n so n so……….unless we produce our own stuff this is going to happen.Dream of becoming a world power is far distant.A lot of funding needs to be done in r&d.and most importantly best of d brains from our institutions like IITs should be tapped inside our own country

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    We need to pay our Scientists so that they can resist the tempatation to go abroad. If Facebook can pay 70L to an IIT graduate, can't we pay him more to hack the Chinese Networks.

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    Wonder how smooth induction of Naval PAK-FA will be. For all the USA-bashing Russhophiles over here, it's time the Indian Navy went for the F-35.

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    hi shiv,
    long awaited theme change is welcome. Now it is easy on eyes and in fact looks great too.

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    Lets buy both MIG 35 and Rafale or Euro Fighter we need lots of them and then bring out own fast beg borrow or steal we have to Indianise

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    high time to know if indians are to be blamed for the contractual problems if not then high time to kick Russian butt

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    Prasun K. Sengupta

    To Shiv: Until one hears both sides of the story, it will be inappropriate to pin down the blame on the Ruskies. We've gone through all this before when it came to the three Batch 1 Project 1135.6 guided-missile frigates. A few years ago, the very same type of allegations were made, only to discover later that the contract for maintaining the spares package at Rosoboronservice India's bonded warehouse was not inked by the MoD despite various reminders by the Ruskies! Therefore, better to hear both sides of the story before making any judgement.

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    indian defence forum

    if we continue to ignore russia continously then russia will be upset….. therefore the lesson here is to keep your evergreen ally happy…….. the kind of hi-tech russia is offering india….. no other country will ever offer

  13. 14

    Shiv Aroor

    @Prasun: Point taken. However, the details of the problems appear to suggest that on this one, the Russkies are playing hardball. The story will come out in a few days, I'm sure!

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    The report says that Russia exploiting the loop holes in the contractual provisions. Are we (our babus ) soo stupid that we can't make a proper contractual agreement. So that other can't exploit us. This is not first time it's happening again and again.


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    any word on the forthcoming Defence Procurement policy. It should be interesting to see what the MoD does to the private players. I think it is high time the govt allows private players in. It shud also realise that there is no use trying to make everything in house. Let GE and RR fight for the engines. The US does the same. Let the others make a prototype for the places and tanks at their own cost and then select a one based on trials. I do not think the govt can afford to pay the exhorbitant salary that the top engineers would demand so why not let the private sector invest there. What are your views on this?

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    6 Migs in 6years! The contract was signed in 2004 and till now we have received only 6 Mig's. Wonder when the last of the 45 Mig's would be inducted.
    Of all the America bashing going around at least they deliver on time. THe C-130J are going to be inducted on time!

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    if the russains do it with Migs, how are we sure they will not with the Vikramaditya. However as one of the persons suggested, the LCA Naval versions should be redied at double the speed.

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    Our Pvt. Cos won't invest even a penny. They will ask GOI to give them foreign technology for free and also ask Govt to provide them "spare" facilities in Ordinance Factories for making the same stuff and guarantees from Govt that our armed forces are going to buy their entire stuff at inflated prices. There is no contribution by Indian Pvt Cos but they act as another middleman who bring nothing on the table but help generate massive kickbacks.There entry has already resulted in massive corruption in defense procurement. BAE/Mahendra howitzer deal is perfect example where all competitors have been black listed.

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    Anon @ 10.42PM,

    You have no rational replies to give, only retarded allegations and biased propaganda speech. Enough. I don't feel like debunking and humiliating you again. You never learn.

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    Nishant Bhatnagar


    It is high time that we keep reallying on other nations for our defense, we need to build our capabilities in critical technologies quick and fast. We have been taken for ride by all the nations, France, US, russia..and we keep on paying extra hard earned foreign currecy to them. DRDO and other other allied companies has to come-up with clear blue-print of indiginous capabilities. And at the most , if, India requires to enter into any imported stuff ..go into 50-50 partnership contract with "full transfer of technology".

  21. 22

    mathi man

    If you hit me first time, it is your mistake. if I let you hit a second time, then its my mistake:

    Russians already gave us nightmares in gorshov deal. They arm twisted us in front of whole world. But we again went in for mig-29 ks. If you make someone happy, dont share your backyard with him. You cannot ride on two horses.

    Mr Antony, enough of "transparency" in your non-existent procurement process can you please get some good professionals who can pen a decent contract with foreign countries????

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    I suspect this from the beginning as after the induction of 1st 6 a/c's no other a/c have joined the IN since very long.

    But one thing is there . HAL has got a lot of expertise in manufacturing that bird. The MIG 29K shares many commonalities wid the MIG 29 BAZ operated by IAF including the ZHUK ME radar , the newer RD33 engines, OLS and many other things including the weapons package.


    Please let us know that when the next batch is suppose to join the IN and what exactly the problems are. Is it the same old russian drama to ask for more money like they did for asking $2 billion more for Gorskov.

  23. 24


    Mathi man….

    India = multiple scandals = top level corruption = foreign OEMs blacklisted = India inching along with snails pace.

    You are right though!

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!

    You will find many skeletons in Indian cupboard, when rubber meets the road – Amar, Akber or Anthony notwithstanding……Lolum lol ji

  24. 25

    mathi man

    thanks on refreshing my memory on the fool me oncetwice idiom.Was not remembering the damn thing


  25. 26


    Shiva, what exactly happened on Hawk with BAE? Do let us know.

    – Manne

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    It clear based on not only my assessment that Russia has got the measure of India in military sales, but other observers as well. The aircraft carrier debarkle is solid proof of this. The laws of commonsense apply equally to governments as it does to the humble individual. That is "if it sounds too good to be true, then it obviously is!(if something is for sale that appears to be a bargain) then its my guess it's no damn bargin"). When I read the blog opinions of many Indians, it is no surprise why countries such as Russia treat India with seemingly 'no respect'. The blogs are by enlarge irrational; pointless; introspective; unintelligible; racist; It is rare to come across a blog that speaks about what India NEEDS to do to become more effective and to be taken seriously, not engage in jingoistic and imaginary visions that speak of it's 'superpower' status which it is not!. Many countries that have a history of doing business with India know its culture of 'inactivity & inertia' and inability to make decisions, let alone build something that is reliable. Only when India battles its way into the 20 century and may be the 21st, will it understand that it needs to engage with the rest of the world not just stand by waggling its head sagely! I once met an Indian who waxed lyrically about how ancient Indians were dressed in silks whilst Europeans were living in caves; well the descendants of these Europeans have gone to the Stars and kissed the face of "God" whilst Indians are still trying to make a "silk purse out of a sows ear".

  27. 29


    I really can't believe Russia is going out of it's way to screw India First over the INS Vikramaditya, now over the new Mig-29Ks. India has been a fantastic customer for Russia over the decades and definitely doesn't deserve the treatment they are receiving. If Russian defence contractors think they can get away with this, India should refuse to commit to the Pak-FA!

  28. 30


    Russia has helped us enormously over and over again. If we lose this true ally for short term gains with America then we would be making a huge mistake. Most people are impulsive they see a couple of news articles and start posting without understanding the history and future implications. If it wasn't for countless technology transfers from Russians we would be decades behind and neither would we have such extensive space program. These type of things are common in defence contracts. Seriously,when was the last time you heard an defence contract was completed on time anywhere in the world?
    Lets not forget it is the same Russia who sent an Nuclear Submarine to chase away american warship when America sided with Pakistan during indo-pak conflict.

  29. 31


    A: The LCA Navy is still in prototype stage..Many many years and hundreds of crores away from operationalisation

    B: The Russkies are no Angels. The Banana Mango MiGs have fallen out of the sky with sickeng regularity. Even today all russian aircraft have abysymally low serviceability and flight line availability including the much vaunted Sukhoi

    C: The MiG 29K for all its faults is two generations ahead of the LCA Navy, with mature and proven Radar and weapons. at least its there..!!

    D: They have us over a barrel by the short hairs and they know it and they are exploiting it.
    E: Do they honour contracts, no matter how well drafted? No.. – Vikramaditya is a case in point
    F: Indigenisation needs accountability and Push from the highest levels. Its missing

    Just my 2 anna bits

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    Dalip Bhati

    It is high time we realised what is in store for us if do not develop key technologies fast by hook or crook


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