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    indian defence forum

    America will suck the last drop of blood from india

    while america refuses access to american technology because india has not signed CISMOA, it has no pretentions in acquiring latest indian technology

    this double standard cannot be tolerated

    India should also deny america latest technologies unless america takes cognizance of india's security related apprehensions

    but our corrupt politicians has sold the country to america therefore i don't see it happening

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    "Costing Rs.5000 (less than $100)"

    According to today's exchange rate, $100 is roughly equal to 4500 Indian rupees. So Rs 5000 would be approx $111.

    Also, the DRDO is losing out bad on this deal. The US company is most likely to sell it to the American military or the Afghan military at a huge price hike. (The Afghans actually use some ridiculous explosive divining rods to detect bombs! ) DRDO should set up its own marketing company that patents its products internationally and then markets them internationally as well.

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    I concur with Indian@5.28 at least drdo could have signed an agreement with an indian company or a joint-venture of an indian company so that more jobs would be produced in India

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    It's no big deal for the Americans if we refuse. Let's not make an anti-American rant on everything. This is good for DRDO, but their product was probably only chosen because it was cost-effective. There are dozens of such systems all around the world, even from less-known obscure manufacturers like Poland and the Czekh republic.

    If we sell we get some money to recoup the research costs. If we don't sell they'll buy elsewhere. This technology isn't unique to us.

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    Prasun K. Sengupta

    Great stuff! Congrats to DRDO. But it ought to lose the beauty kit bag and replace it with something more appropriate (no offense to MsReny Roy, of course).

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    Mr. Ra

    It is heartening to note that India has done something worth.

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    Good Start!!! but We need GOVT to think like a business and show some fire to capture the markets not just with this one but taking it to next level..

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    DRDO should sell this kit 100 times what its costs just like the americnas.

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    I totally agree with you

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    sell it for a $1000 they will still buy it…. poor marketing

    transfer the technology — that is the worst thing to do…..

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    at least drdo could have signed an agreement with an indian company or a joint-venture of an indian company so that more jobs would be produced in India

    Fix yr eyeballs @ the article first which says the following:


    EDK is being commercially made by Noida-based Vantage Integrated Security Solutions Pvt Ltd under a Transfer of Technology pact with the DRDO.

    Thats why they say, dont judge the book by its cover – read it!

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    Mr. Ra

    If someone has 100 technologies, then he can sell 90 of them. But if someone has only one technology, then he need not to sell it to the foreigners.

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    Very proud to see our women doing such important work!!

    I am also very happy that we are contributing to humanity in such a positive way. Now the world will be a little safer place to live in.

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    Clearly some of you have not heard of "low cost innovations".

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    Although the kit needs to be better presented, i'm sure that will occure when manufacutured in numbers. However, it is a tangible achievement and considering it looks so simple I could only imangine all the efforts that were put in to make it work.

    I hope Ms Roy gets a big bonus or better yet a small royalty for each kit sold or even maybe have the kit called the "Roy detection suite" or something. Well done Ms Roy you do the country proud.



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    its so funny !!

    Jitne amin ye 8 bottles khulenge bomb will do do its worrk

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    mathi man

    @ Rajan,
    Ha ha it is funny. But generally these kits will be used at Airport security when generally the bomber wants to conceal and not explode it.

    @ Anon : 6:45 AM,

    I am having a hunch that Mi-17 choppers are now going the mig – 21 way – lots of stay time in IA, new orders, then corruption , kickbacks, poor quality and then finally anointment as "flying coffins"

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    thats not new,innovation happens every once in a while,the problematic factor is as some folks here suggested MARKETING,PROMOTION!an example the'bhoot jholkia riot control granades aka curry bomb'!its a very gud product but least or no promotion.there is a HUGE market for these product all over the world.
    And about that mi17 helos.bhai log,the main problem is delays,those were very gud in late 80s n early 90s!pehle to late order,phir price hikes,upar se aur late delivery,hamare soldier bhai log ki lag jayegi samjho.one more thing-hamar neta babu logan ke lie agusta westland helos aur hamar sainik bhaiya logan baithe russian(Read.classic junk) udan khatola ma!!BAHUT NAINSAFI HAI RE.:@

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    Prasun K. Sengupta

    Oye! Where has Ms Reny Roy disappeared? And why?


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